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Muindi Highlights: April 2013

April 2013

Dear Ministry Partners,

After our recent election on March 4th 2013, it was followed with a petition by the opposition group. The country was divided and the people were anxious for the outcome. We thank the Lord for the court ruling and for the political calm. Truly, secular leadership faces many challenges as well as Christian leadership because of secular methodology borrowed from the world system. Since democracy or congregational rule could be challenging, particularly when dealing with people with limited biblical knowledge and with cultural bend, we must be vigilant. We praise God for peace and thank you all for prayers before, during, and after election.

There have been heavy rains and floods countrywide with some sporadic insecurity in various parts of the country but we trust God for our lives on a daily basis for His sake.

We are thankful to the Lord for the Church ministry progress as we continue to develop leaders among those that the Lord has placed under our watch. There is a great desire to be involved in various ministry opportunities by our members and this is an encouragement to us. Many are involved in Sunday school and the children’s, Ladies’, Men’s, and Youth ministries; Sunday services, church choir, visitation, etc. Please pray that the Lord will continue to fuel the fire in the lives of true believers.

Our church needs a van (Bus ministry) to facilitate transportation of our people from various parts of the city. This will also help as we keep our focus on building the permanent church facility. If you’d like to help, please direct your financial support through Baptist Mid-Missions. Please pray for God’s leading as we face ministry challenges that could spur growth and encouragement. We thank the Lord for salvations and membership growth and opportunities that God gives us in the community through various ministries. We are able to interact with various people in the community from different backgrounds, cultures, and professions.

Come help us to grow God’s work. We are very excited for this summer as we look forward to what God will do with and through those who will be visiting with us from the States. We will be hosting the Finke family and also a very dear sister, Ashly McMillan. We thank the Lord for these dear ones and we ask for your prayer for them and for us and the church ministries here. This will help us to set the pace for the church families planning to join us next year for ministry and building program.

Pray for our children as they are back to school until July 16th 2013.

There are different jobs to be done, different offices to be filled, but we as Christians are able before our Master.

In God’s Hands,
Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena
Isaiah 65:2

Young Ho Lee: March 2013

March 2013

Greetings from Korea,

We do appreciate the beautiful cards you have sent to us and your faithful prayers for our work and family. It has been almost ten years since we came to the field but we never had a chance to leave for a furlough. Many souls have been saved and baptized and serving in various places. Richard McAllister is one of the US soldiers stationed at Camp Howze here in Korea. He was saved and baptized at our church and now serves at Camp Campbell, KY. He is faithfully serving the Lord at Cross and Crown Baptist Church. Please do remember him in your prayers so that the Lord might call him to come to Korea as a missionary in the future.

The Lord willing, we are praying that God will open the door to start another mission church in the near future. It seems like the burden is growing each passing day. What a privilege it is to see some souls saved and baptized through new mission church. Please pray also for the Way Baptist Church which was established about four years ago with Bro. Yang Jae Ik who was sent out of our church. They need your prayers as they are trying to baptize new converts. They asked me to come and preach the power of resurrection on the Easter Sunday morning service. Pray that God can use me as His tool in reaching out to the unsaved souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for our church that it will continue to stay faithful, steadfast and unmovable in His work with new souls being added to the church.

Pray for Jennifer who came to know me through Bro Keith Cullers. Jennifer is trying to visit her mother here in Korea. Jennifer wanted to make sure her mom is saved before it's too late. She just had cancer surgery and now stays at nursing home. We went to visit her mom about a month ago and I explained the Gospel of Christ. She accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour. I asked her where Jesus is now and she said, “He is in Jerusalem.” But later she understood my question and said that He is in my heart. Praise God she is on the way to heaven by His grace.

Pray for Cathy for her health problem and the physical and spiritual strength she needs as well as for myself. Pray for Joseph, my son, and his family as well as Pearl, our youngest daughter, as she is planning to move back to the States in the near future.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and concern for our family and the work here in Korea.

We humbly do appreciate your faithful prayers and financial support for our work. Without your help and prayerful support, it is impossible to continue our ministry in this region and beyond.

Because of Calvary,
Young Ho and Cathy Lee


The Fredericks: March 2013

March 2013

1 Chronicles 16:25 tells us, “For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised: he also is to be feared above all gods.” This is a truth that we have been getting hold of more and more. The Lord is always great, always.

Bible Institute. We have started a new semester in the Thai section of Bible Institute with two Thai pastors teaching on-line courses. I am hoping to expand this ministry to include more Baptist churches across Thailand, but presently there is a lack of students. The English portion of the Bible Institute is coming to a close in a few months. I have just finished teaching Acts and will teach the Prophets and Life of Christ to round out the curriculum. Lord willing, we will have our second graduation ceremony in July or August. One of our students, Tom, is preparing to go to England to plant churches. Being sent from a small mission’s church in Thailand and going to a gospel barren land will present many challenges, but with God’s help, he will get there. Please pray for him as he makes plans and preparations.

New Life Baptist Church. We are making preparations for a special Easter service this year that will culminate in a church picnic at a local river after services. Additionally, we have made plans for a church sports day at the end of April which will hopefully be an encouragement to the members to bring many friends that we can follow up with in the future. We have been encouraged by an increase in the number of students coming to church from the university. Several of the new freshman have started coming and one young lady, Nookie, was saved recently. She sent me a Facebook message while I was meeting a new missionary, asking how she could become a child of God. She is the result of a true team effort as Atalie (the young lady working with us) has been teaching and encouraging her, another Christian student witnessed to her, and we had the privilege of reaping the fruit. Lord willing, she will be baptized when she returns from summer break in June (our summer/hot season is from March to May). In order to give our church more autonomy and pave the way for its true independence in the future, we started the process of establishing a foundation more than a year ago. Praise the Lord it is finished! We can now have accounts in our church’s name, buy property, etc… As a result, I will transfer my current visa to our foundation and will need to take my family to Malaysia the week of March 18th to get a new visa from the Thai embassy there.

Prayer Requests: The professors Mike works with: Aom, Ying, Noh, Nueng, and Daeng for salvation; Mike’s students for salvation and spiritual growth; the Bible school students: Tom, Matt, and Dtom. Pray for Nin and Nookie for spiritual growth. Also pray about our finances; the dollar is slipping again, and several churches have dropped our support. You can sign-up for updates at our web site:

We pray God’s blessing as you continue to serve the Lord!

For Christ in Thailand,

Mike & Francis Frederick