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The Mortensons’ August Letter

August 2021

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for us. We are well, and have been enjoying a busy and full summer. As I mentioned in our last prayer update, July was a busy month of ministry. We started off with the Medical Missions Outreach clinic. This was a full week, and Covid did it’s best to throw us some kinks in the schedule. But as we analyzed things at the end of the week, God did amazing things. Not only were we able to meet the physical needs of more than 2700 patients, but each and every one of those was presented with the good news that Jesus saves. It was a time of much sowing, and there were 147 people who made decisions to trust Christ! God is good. We are praying that God will continue to work in hearts as we try to follow up; we desire to see these continue to grow in their faith. God continued to work in hearts in a unique way as a teen girl who came as a medical patient the first day, offered her services as a translator and ended up working alongside Cori translating in the vision clinic. As the week ended she decided to come to church and after the service she raised her hand for salvation. Cori was able to counsel with her in a side room and lead her to the Lord!

July continued with a 5 day turnaround in-between MMO and our annual youth conference. Last year we were unable to have a youth conference due to strict measures by the government in relation to covid, and it was a great blessing to see the auditorium filled with teens from 5 other churches. God used the preaching each night and several of the teens made decisions, deepening their walk with the Lord. The youth of Honduras is who God will use in the days ahead to proclaim the Gospel to the next generation. Times like this are so valuable in helping them to grow spiritually and pursue Christ with all their hearts. Please continue to pray for spiritual growth.

As we move into August, we are thankful for a little slower pace. Even though there will be less on the agenda per se, we are looking for God to continue His work through some of our regular ministries. I will be preaching several times over the next few weeks as our ministry partners are taking a short furlough in August and September. This still requires tedious preparation, but to God be the glory my Spanish abilities get better each time. Cori will also be leading a ladies meeting for our church ladies at the end of August and will be preparing a devotional. As the summer comes to a close Cori and the kids will also be jumping back into homeschooling. It blows our minds, but Mykenzie is now a freshman in high school! Please pray for the logistics of some school books that were ordered back in March, but have been delayed due to backorder.


Prayer Requests:

  • For the Lord to help us continue to grow in our Spanish speaking abilities, and to be better able to minister for Him.
  • For continued spiritual growth in our church family.
  • We praise the Lord for the 147 people who trusted Christ as a result of the MMO clinic.
  • We also praise the Lord for the excellent youth


Thank you again for your faithful prayers for us,
Nate and Cori with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake a Savanna



Valbuena Family – Project Dorcas

Subic Bay Ministry
Relief & Rescue Operation

Project DORCAS : “Typhoon Fabian”

July 25, 2021

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Today marks the 10th day of continuous strong downpour of rain and it doesn’t appear that it will soon let up. Downtown in the city of Olongapo there is much flooding. Several people have sent us messages asking for help. There are evacuation centers already that have also made contact with us. I am making preparations to set up feeding stations for the evacuees and at the same time survey if there is a need for a medical clinic as well. I am preparing to feed at least 500 people.

I am so blessed to be located up in the mountain where we, children’s home included, are safe from floods. The children’s home has had some dirt erosions and I have water sipping through part of my kitchen floor but that is minor compared to what others are going through.

Our team of Preachers and soul winners will accompany me as we provide hot porridge for the cold and displaced families and share with them the Word of God.




Subic Bay Ministry
Relief & Rescue Operation


August 06, 2021

Dear Friends & Supporters,

The rain has not let up and there are still Barangays around us that are still flooded. Here in the Philippines, the main source of income for a typical Filipino family, if they don’t have a mom or dad working abroad as a domestic helper or factory worker, will be as a daily paid construction worker. With the rain not letting up many fathers are out of work and therefore are not able to provide for their family. To add to this already deprived situation the Philippine National Government has placed cities under lockdown from August 6-20, according to them, because of the Delta Variant. Only one person per household is allowed to leave home to purchase essentials and that person must have a quarantine pass acquired from the captain of your Barangay. Essential workers such as government employees will have a special quarantine pass and they will be allowed out and about. Pastor Odek and I and a few others from my Project Dorcas team have already requested for a pass so that we may be able to continue on even during the lockdown.

I have received several messages begging for rice to be able to feed their children. Most of those who have messaged know of us through our Saturday feeding Centers that we have in different barangays. Today, before lockdowns, Samuel (our son) together with his feeding partner will go to their center and deliver rice and canned sardines.

I am so very grateful to those who support our “Project Dorcas”. We have been able to share God’s word to hundreds of people and to share God’s love in a way that is felt. Most recently we feed over 500 meals, provided hygiene kits and basic medicine to families in evacuation centers. We cleaned and treated many who are suffering from athletes foot and boils caused by the stagnant flood water. We have provided Rice, canned sardines, Eggs, Milk etc. for households who are suffering from the lack of basic food. We will continue to do this just so long as the Lord provides. A lot of work goes into each operation and I thank God for the good health and strength he continues to give me and my team. I am so very grateful to those who make “Project Dorcas” a success by financially supporting us; and making our vision a reality.

Thank you very much,

Rodrigo & Annalisa Fulfer-Valbuena
Your Missionary to Subic Bay Philippines


You may send your donation for relief & rescue operation through PayPal:



You may also send your support to:

Rodrigo & Annalisa Valbuena
c/o Central Missionary Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 219228
Houston, Texas 77218-9228


1-800-CMC-PRAY (1-800-262-7729)
Office: 281-599-7411
Fax: 281-599-7511


Mike Frederick – Building Update

July 2021

Building Project Update
Note: Not our regular prayer letter

Dear praying partners,


Amount Needed: $165,000 for purchase, $30,000 for repairs

Amount Pledged to date: $4,050 has been pledged so far.

Amount raised through New Life Baptist Church special offerings $300

Amount in hand: $10,350 ($4050 from special offerings, $300 from our church plant’s special offerings, and $3000 from missions church savings account).

Remaining to purchase property: $160,650


The project is gathering steam. Our missions church is excited about the prospect as reflected in the special offerings we have taken. We hope for our missions church to raise $30,000 for repairs while we raise the purchase price through special offerings external to our church. We need to have the funds in hand by the end of December 2021 as the realtor has only guaranteed the discounted price until then.
For more information you can visit:

Facebook or



Please send all donations of any amount to Central Missionary Clearinghouse under our name (a note can be added that it is for building fund).


Thanks for praying with us concerning this project.
Mike & Francis Frederick 864-561-5217


Front of the church building. It is on a main road with ample parking in the back.

Large kitchen

One of three large classrooms

Office/classroom in the front of the building

Auditorium. Large enough for more than twice our current auditorium, but appropriate for our current membership

Platform in the auditorium already in place.

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