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Andersons’ Latest Prayer Letter

May 2019

Greetings from Lima,

A few weeks ago our lives took an unexpected turn. After having stomach pains for several weeks, Kathy was hospitalized. A week in one hospital left us considering the possibilities of parasites, typhoid, appendicitis and diverticulosis. Finally, a colonoscopy showed two tumors. Immediately she was sent to a better hospital where one of the top surgeons in Peru did emergency surgery. After waiting nine days we received the results and she does have colon cancer. She needs to recover from this surgery before we can move on to treatment for the cancer. We are hopeful that the surgery removed most if not all of the cancer.

We are thankful for the prayers of so many people. We have felt the peace of God during this time in a great way. We are thankful for our doctor friend who put us in contact with this surgeon on such short notice. We are thankful that our daughter Janise, who just graduated from college, was able to be with us for two weeks during this time. We are thankful that last year we moved into a house that is right across the street from Kathy ’s parents. This has been a big help for Raeya and Risha when I have been in the hospital with Kathy. We are thankful for so many people who have provided meals for the family during this time.

We do have several prayer requests:

  • Pray for wisdom concerning the treatment for the cancer.
  • Pray for wisdom concerning Raeya and Risha’s college plans and provision.
  • Pray for a vehicle as ours completely died the day after the surgery.
  • Pray for our future plans. We had planned on taking a yearlong furlough starting in August to visit supporting churches and raise more support. This plan is obviously put on hold for now. Our insurance coverage is better here in Peru and we can see moving in the midst of treatment.
  • Pray for our daughter Krista who will be coming down to spend the rest of her summer break to help us during this time. Please pray that God will provide for the college expenses that she would normally cover working in the summer.
  • Pray for Janise as she will be on a missions trip to India for two months.

Thank you so much for your prayers,

Serving Christ in Lima,
Rick and Kathy Anderson

Muindi Family’s Update

May 2019

Dear Partners,

Praise the Lord! You were there for us. We truly thank you all for your faithfulness and hospitality you showed us throughout our furlough. We were both brothers and sisters in Christ and yet strangers to you in one way or another. Nevertheless, you held us worthy due to our true witness of the gospel and you did send us forward and to the mission field of Kenya in a manner worthy of God (3 John 5-7).

Praise the Lord! We have obtained hundred percent (100%) support and ministry project funds. We know that God has been so gracious to us and with your unceasing prayers and tireless travels, He did answer. For both churches and individuals giving us support, you all mean a lot to us. Some of you have been in fellowship with us since we began our work in Kenya. We do sincerely praise the Lord and pray for you daily.

Praise the Lord! The time has come and thus we are transitioning. First, I need your help. Pastors, please assist me with what you consider reliable website with free downloadable pdf materials. These should include various resources for Systematic, Historical, and Biblical theologies, preaching, teaching, homiletics, hermeneutics, apologetics, etc. If you can send them to me on a “flash drive” what you have collected as beneficial, I will truly appreciate. I am creating resource materials for my students and pastors on a tablet so as to have them benefit on what is available freely but good. If you have no collection, just send me the links you have always found helpful.

Praise the Lord! We are ready to leave on July 4, 2019. We have waited so long. The second thing I need of you is this: Change the address. Beginning July 2019, we hope that every letter, card, note, parcel, etc., will no longer be send to our current address but to our field address. Here it is:

Stephen and/or Edna Muindi
P.O. BOX 987 – 30100
Eldoret, Kenya

Our Kenyan phone numbers will resume on July 6, 2019. Please note: (+254 701 567265 – Stephen) and (+254 701 567266 – Edna) but our email address remains the same

Praise the Lord! Stephen had a class and will have one more this week at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. They have been very helpful to update if not upgrade myself after several years of ministry. Pray that this will also be helpful in training others for ministry and in the churches and conferences as we challenge others to consider ministry in their lives. Personal spiritual growth is so vital for our daily ministry impact. Pray for Edna and the kids as they also strive to please the Lord day by day. Pray for Ian and Regina as they spend three (3) weeks with us in Kenya to be an encouragement to the youth. They will be back end of July 2019 to get ready for the fall semester. Rena will keep up with mom and dad in Kenya for some time.

Praise the Lord! We had three great men with their families who kept the work going. Pray that the Lord will continue to give growth and direction in ministry as we seek to grow and expand the ministry. For any support for literature, Bibles, radio program, Bible College training, and other ministry support, please send your gift through Baptist Mid-Missions office. Thank you so much for your love. For His glory, may God be praised (Psalm 117).

In His Care,

Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena

Psalm 149

The Fredericks’ June 2019 Letter

June 2019

Dear praying partners,

Our furlough is going well and it has been good to be able to report to many of our faithful supporting churches. When we return to Thailand in July we will have visited 26 churches. There are still some of our supporters that we have not been able to visit since we left for Thailand over 16 years ago. We will make every effort to visit the remainder when we next come to the USA.

Ministry in Thailand: Dtom, our 3rd year Bible student, is doing a great job watching the church in our absence. He has accepted the responsibility for all aspects of the ministry without supervision. He now realizes that leading a church is about more than just preaching messages on Sunday and Wednesday. Please pray for wisdom as he continues to seek God’s leading in his future ministry as well as wisdom in handling the various situations that arise in the church.

Family: It has been great to be able to visit our children and grandchildren during this furlough. They grow so fast! We have been able to connect and reconnect with each of them in a special way. We were even able to have an extended family reunion during our daughter Hannah’s graduation. My dad (79 yrs) and his wife, my sister and her husband, my brother and his whole family, and three of my four children had a special time together.

Mission Board: As you should know by now, we have left our previous mission board, BWMOM, for a clearinghouse that will better meet our needs on the field. Our pastor and home church, who have always been actively involved in our ministry, will be your point of contact. Since our former mission board has notified me that they will no longer process support checks, it is imperative that you use the attached form the first time you direct support to Central Missionary Clearinghouse. We are thankful for the ministry of BWMOM and wish them a fruitful and blessed future.

If you have any questions at all regarding our ministry, you can contact me (until mid-July) at 219-669-2821. After 10 July my skype number is 864-640-4654. You can also contact our sending church, Grace Baptist Church, Panama City Florida at 850-774-2083. This number is the cell phone of our sending pastor (Mike Jones). We would be happy to answer any inquiries.

I want to thank you for your faithful prayers and support of this ministry. We are able to continue our church planting ministry only because of your faithfulness. May the Lord bless you richly as you continue to serve Him.

For Christ in Thailand,
Mike & Francis Frederick


(Skype Phone) 864-640-4654

Support can be sent online through the Central Missionary Clearinghouse website, Click & Give or use the attached form for the first time support is sent via mail.