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The Fredericks’ Latest Prayer Letter

August 2020

Dear praying partners,

Current Situation
COVID-19 has wreaked havoc around the world. My wife and I are currently stranded in the USA for the foreseeable future. We will be staying in Sumter, South Carolina, until Thailand opens for foreigners to return. Currently Thailand is accepting limited returnees, but these include only businessmen and family members. Fortunately, things are easing within Thailand, and our church has started meeting in person again, albeit with distancing and facemasks. We are available to report to our supporting churches during this time of waiting. Churches that desire us to stop-in can contact me at 864-561-5217 or via email.
Ministry in Thailand
Even though COVID has been causing havoc, the Lord is still at work. Recently two have been saved! Both are family members of current members. This accepting responsibility for the ministry is exactly what we want to see — friends, and family coming to the Lord. Dtom, our bible student who will graduate soon, currently watches the church and has assumed responsibility for the majority of the preaching. He organized a baptismal service, and it was a joy to see the two new converts baptized and begin their new lives in Christ.
Bible Institute
The Bible Institute continues via online instruction. Dtom just finished his last class and is ready for graduation. A ceremony will be organized after we return from the states. Dtom has been a diligent student and is faithfully serving the Lord in my absence. We were hoping that he could do an extended internship while we were on furlough, and it appears that the Lord’s timing is ahead of ours. He is learning a lot while doing an excellent job. The next student to graduate will be Mon, who will likely be ready in 2021. If this COVID situation isn’t resolved soon, we will probably do both years’ graduations together. We continue to organize the course videos for the online school. This is a time-consuming task, but progress is being made.
Prayer Requests
Salvation: The husband of a member who has been attending for five years, two members who have not been faithful to church for several months that they would return or find another good church. Continue to pray for Mike’s students and fellow teachers at University.

Faithfulness: Pray for the Bible students to continue steadfast in their studies. Especially pray for Dtom that the Lord would give him wisdom and perseverance in serving the Lord. Pray for a new couple in our church for spiritual growth in being newly married but separated as they wait for her visa to the USA to be approved. Please also pray for other Thailand missionary families and us as we all wait, not so patiently, for Thailand to open for our return.
May the Lord bless you richly as you continue to serve Him.

For Christ in Thailand,
Mike & Francis Frederick Facebook:
(Skype Phone) 864-640-4654
P.S.  On August 11th, Mike had a severe heart attack while visiting his daughter in Sumter, SC. He was air evacuated by helicopter to Columbia, SC, where a stent was inserted to open a 100% blocked artery. As of now Mike is recovering well. A follow-up appointment with the heart doctor will determine the extent of damage and a rehab plan going forward. We are covered by military healthcare but still expect our portion to be about $3000. Any help towards this unexpected cost would be very helpful. Please pray for a complete recovery.

McCoy Family’s August Letter

August 2020


  • Monthly support is steady at 90%
  • Lots of Ministry opportunities
  • Use of housing and car
  • Additional funds for quarantine

Prayer Requests

  • Jon’s salvation
  • Support to hit 100%
  • Leave for Costa Rica soon
  • Testing, quarantine, settle in once there

2 Corinthians 4:4
Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not.

We do see the ministry that God has called us to. That ministry is not waiting for us in Costa Rica but is where we are. Serve others wherever you are. There are no shortages of service opportunities in these times. Believers everywhere are being discouraged, distracted, and in many cases walking away from their church and their God. They need to be encouraged and given even just a little wind in their sail to keep on. The lost multitudes without Christ first of all need to hear the gospel out of our mouths and see us living out genuine faith in shoe leather. Ministry is all these and zip code is not important.

Life for us is not what we had hoped for. We are still in Pensacola, FL as of this writing. Our new target date was August 18th and we had begun to prepare again. Costa Rica did open to several countries but the United States is not allowed in yet. So for now we continue to serve where we are. A message from Sonya:For the kids and I not much is “normal”. We have just the basics of everything for the house and each of us, 2 suit cases each. We are unable to finish last school year or start next year as our school books are in Costa Rica. We have been able to spend some extra time with dear friends and some family. God continues to meet all our needs, He has provided temporary housing from a wonderful Christian family, and a car to drive. We are looking forward to being able to settle in our home in Costa Rica and start His ministry for us there.

We were able to help out with VBS at Grace Baptist Church in Pace, FL. Several young people trusted Christ as Savior. Kevin preached the morning service and gave an update August 2nd at Gulf Coast Baptist Church in Cantonment, FL, our home/sending church. We’ve helped a couple of churches with handyman type odd jobs and a couple of church members with construction “drama” as well. God can use us as He sees fit if we stay humble and make ourselves available. Our church in Costa Rica had its first meeting in 5 months. Our house, our belongings, and car in Costa Rica are all safe and still there waiting for us. Please pray we get there soon!

Thank you each and every one for your prayers, financial support, cards, letters, and emails. To hear from you really means a lot to us and would love to hear from more of you.

In Christ,
Kevin & Sonya McCoy

The Mortensons’ August Letter

August 1, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for faithfully praying for our family and ministry. It really is crazy how fast life is moving even though we are in such an unusual time because of Covid. Honduras is continuing the strong measures of quarantine for all and the nationwide economy is still only operating at about 20%. People are returning to work in some areas but others are still completely closed down. That being said church ministries are all still completely virtual. We had hoped that we would be having some type of in-person services by now, but we are still waiting and trusting the Lord. God is not hindered in His work though, and just in the last several days we have received encouragement from those that have been watching the services online.

Cori also completed the A-Z Discipleship course with one of the young ladies she has been discipling. Cori has been so encouraged by how much Estefany has grown spiritually over the last year. Please continue to pray for both of them.

Looking ahead at the month of August, God has opened the door for us to make a short furlough to the States. We had made plans last year to spend August and September in the States reporting back to some of our longest supporting churches. Over the last several months we have been waiting to see how our plans would proceed. We are very thankful for this opportunity and are thrilled about the time we will also get to spend with both sides of the family. As you receive this email we will have just arrived back and will spend a couple of days with family in Illinois. We covet your prayers as we are on the roads. We were reminiscing the other day about how many miles we traveled when we were on deputation. Yet in all those miles God was so faithful in His provision of protection. It truly is the hand of God and the prayers of God’s people.

  • For Gods protection and blessing as we travel on furlough.
  • Continue praying for the Lord’s provision for many of our church family who are being affected economically by the quarantine.
  • For the Lord to continue to guide us in creative ways to present the gospel, in light of how the world is changing because of the pandemic.
  • For the Lord’s peace as to when to start in-person services again

Thank you again for your faithful prayers for our family.

From Honduras,
Nate and Cori, with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna.

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