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The Fredericks in Oct. 2016

October 2016

Dear praying partners,

I am currently preaching through the book of Jeremiah for our Wednesday evening Bible studies. It is an encouragement to know that the success of our ministry is not measured by numbers but by faithfulness. May the Lord find us all faithful about the task He has called us to do.

Church Events: We have received many special offerings to help with the expenses of the Cambodia missions trip. We are very grateful. The cost for those going will be almost half of what they were initially expecting. Even though the trip is several months in the future, please pray for a fruitful trip.

Vehicle: We praise the Lord for the many special offerings for our vehicle. We are shopping and will see what opens up for us in the near future.

Outreach: The semester at the university is in full swing. We had a special game night at our church for the students. Unfortunately, no one showed up. It can be quite discouraging sometimes. But it isn’t uncommon to plan an event and for whatever reason have many come or none. We will continue to plan monthly events to make personal contacts between our church members and the students. The Facebook ads have been well received and we are continuing to pursue this avenue of sharing the Gospel. After many years of trying to be a witness to the man who cuts our grass, I was finally able to spend some time with him sharing the Gospel message in a very brief, but clear way. He has said he really desires to know more and has said he will come to church. Lord willing, he will. Please pray for his salvation.

Bible Institute: The first course of systematic theology is almost complete. In a few short weeks, we will start part two. The students are energetic and diligent. I praise the Lord for those that desire to know more about God’s word and spend the extra time to come to classes.

Please pray for: Mike’s students and fellow teachers for salvation; a man who comes regularly but has yet to be saved (pray for his salvation); backslidden members to return or find a good church; Hannah, our youngest daughter, for her college school bill and her university studies; Matthew, our oldest son, while he is deployed; bible school students and myself (teaching them clearly); Al Allshouse ,our associate, for ability in learning Thai; wisdom in ministry matters; results of outreach; fundraising for Cambodia missions trip and funds to purchase another vehicle.

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him

For Christ in Thailand,
Mike & Francis Frederick
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The Muindis in Sep. 2016

September 2016

Beloved Partners,

The early church demonstrates the importance of Biblical training in the process to making disciples. Note that those that “gladly received his word were baptized… added to them… continued steadfastly in the Apostle’s doctrine…” (Acts 2:41-47). Barnabas exhorted the Church in Antioch “that with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord” (Acts 11:23). Barnabas sought Saul of Tarsus and taught the Church of Antioch to the point that “the disciples were called Christians” (Acts 11:26).

We are blessed to have you partnering with us. It is not taken for granted that you pray and support us and the Church planting ministry in Kenya. We want to share together and to rejoice for the fruits of our labor as well as to yield our petitions and requests to the Lord. Thank you all for you unceasing love and care.

Please note the following praises and prayers:

(1) We are seeing a good progress with the church building project. We have been challenged in the area of finances but mostly with the builders, who have promised us much, but delivered just the very minimum on many occasions. Although we are still in need of substantial funds to finish up the project, we do know, and hold to the fact, that God provides and His timing is best. Please pray and hold hands with us as we progress toward our 10th anniversary on February 5th 2017. We do have the desire to do the dedication of the building then, if God wills;

(2) Pray for Pastor T. J. Klapperich and his son as they plan to visit with us in January- February 2017. We trust that they will be an encouragement and a blessing to us and the church;

(3) Radio preaching program has been very successful. We are having at least four areas that people have called with a request for us to start churches. Pray for wisdom and pastoral call and desire for such places. Pray that such “Macedonian calls” would be God’s leading for the establishment of biblical New Testament Baptist churches with qualified men for ministry;

(4) Church ministry numerical growth and maturity is truly progressive. We see growth and maturity, and some indicate desires to join the church. Besides, there are some out there with fear due to their distorted understanding of what the church is: They think that we are there to raise building funds or manipulate them with modern prosperity or a wealthy and healthy gospel as others do. Note that many churches in Africa are involved in such malpractices. Continue to pray for effective preaching and teaching ministries from the pulpit, weddings, funerals, family gatherings, special invitations, hospital visits, and by our radio program every Saturday 8:30 pm our time;

(5) Successful VBS in August 2016. Kids kept on increasing for 6 days as follows – 69, 76, 86, 98, 108, and 122 on Saturday besides the parents. Pray that these kids and parents would respond to the gospel. We have also been doing house to house visitations and we do see new faces each Sunday;

(6) Numerical growth in all our church departments: Children, Youth, Women’s and Men’s Fellowships. Discipleship ministry and biblical counseling are keys to our ministry programs. We note the importance of God’s grace and our teaching duty in 2 Timothy 2:1-2. Pray for God’s help in raising godly families, church leaders and pastors;

(7) Bible training of our Bible School students continues as we seek to equip them well for the ministry as they respond positively to God’s call: Simeon Koech (graduating 26th November 2016); Mike Otieno (graduating November 2017); Silvanus Agisu (graduating November 2017); and David Ouma is part of the class although not in Bible School. I do meet with them for two hour every Sunday afternoon so as to deal with some theological challenges facing churches today and to solidify Baptist beliefs and theology in our context. We trust the Lord that we will have our own Theological School here someday in the future;

(8) Generally, we have been of good health as a family. Nevertheless, our extended families have been stretched with challenges of sicknesses and deaths. I lost my aunt three months ago, my uncle one week ago, a mother in-law to my brother admitted and both sides’ parents (Edna’s and Stephen’s) are challenged with age and sickness. Agisu’s son, Desmond, has been diagnosed with blood cell sickness, Roseline’s cousin admitted to ICU, two mothers gave birth last week and this week, respectively, and two other mothers are expecting to deliver soon. Pray for God’s sufficient grace;

(9) Ian and Regina just joined 12th grade and Rena in first year in High School and thus more responsibilities for them as well as parents in encouraging them and seeking God’s direction for college next year. Their interests are in medical school. Pray for God’s direction;

(10) Furlough is coming up as soon as August 2017. Reaching out to churches and planning for travels and settling family and transitioning to US is not easy. We hope that churches communicate in time and that scheduling goes well for effective ministry;

(11) Pursuing PhD program due to Kenyan government demands for qualified pastors from government registered institutions in churches and with the desire to establish a College that could offer BA as well as Associate Degrees in the future. I have begun this PhD program at Moi University which could take between three (3) and five (5) years. This is also a requirement for anyone wishing to establish an institution in Kenya. Please pray for God’s help with finance and decisions we make for ministry purposes and to God’s glory;

(12) The Kenyan government has laid out legal requirements for religious leaders (training from accredited and government registered institutions) and religious institutions (registered churches with licensed ministers), and that Churches must have their properties registered in their name and making annual returns. There are legitimate reasons for the government interventions but remember that they also are financial and legal challenges to the faithful church planters;

(13) The church being in the city is faced with challenges relating to relocations due to work, sicknesses & deaths with church members and relatives, financial constraints and needs due to joblessness and corruption, and political issues that the common citizen is affected by in one way or another.

These are summaries of major areas of our concerns and trust that they give you a glimpse of our ministry which involves government legal demands, cultural issues, contemporary challenges, theological challenges, etc. But remember that the church was to be the one with the power of witnessing and outreach with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8).

In His Care,

Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena

Romans 12:1-2

The Canters: Aug. 2016

August 20, 2016

Dear Friends, Prayer Warriors, Loved Ones, and Supporting Churches:

Since our last letter, we designed a new church promotional flyer and the tract for the Nebuta Festival. We are now preparing for the Missions Emphasis Month in September. Pray that the church members’ hearts will be moved to fulfill the Great Commission—not only to see the needs in Aomori, but to participate in soul-winning and increase their Faith Promise giving.

Our BIMI Field Director, David Harris, brought four people on a “Connect” trip to Japan. They came to Aomori to see the very needy field of northem Japan. While here, they joined our church members to pass out tracts at the Nebuta Festival. We handed out 3,000 tracts prior to the start. Pray that the seeds planted will lead to spiritual fruit.

Thank you for praying for Mr. Hazama. He had been hospitalized for over one year and was released August 5th. We picked him and his things up with our van and took him home. He has been to church each week since. Pray that he will not have any relapse. Pray for his spiritual condition and growth. Pray also for the family as they adjust to his being back home.

Miss Nozawa has been attending faithfully and now participates in the Sunday School class discussion. We see the spiritual growth and life changes in her. She enjoys helping the ladies prepare the weekly lunch after Sunday morning service. Continue to pray for her.

We talk about Paul, Moses, David, and the other great people in the Bible. This is difficult for visitors and new Christians because most Japanese have no idea who these people are. Please remember that most have never seen a Bible or have even heard the Gospel Story. Please pray for Holy Spirit discernment to help all Japanese, regardless of their spiritual level.

Please continue to pray for Team Aomori and the church here. The Johnsons, the other half of Team Aomori, are in the States on furlough. The Lord willing, they will return in January with their new addition to the family, Joshua Allen, born August 4th.

In your service for HIS Service

Steve and Kimiyo Canter
Harvesting His Fields in Japan