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Mortenson Family’s March Letter

March 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for faithfully praying for our family. What an amazing month we have had. It has represented much work but we are so thankful for all that God did through the labor. We started off the month with a great Come Away conference for missionaries serving here in Honduras. The speaker this year was Dr. Steve Pettit who preached several very powerful messages from the book of James on wisdom. I know that many hearts were encouraged by the time of fellowship with other missionaries, but we were all also encouraged by being fed deeply from the Word of God. Another great blessing was having Evangelist Adrian Burden with us who gave two special sessions for all the missionary kids. We love this conference every year and are looking forward to next year.

As I mentioned last month, Cori’s parents were able to come down for a visit which overlapped with the conference and made it an extra special time. One of the highlights of visiting with Grammy and Papi was taking them to the beach that is about an hour from our house. God gave us beautiful weather to go along with a great time making new memories with family.

The week after Cori’s parents visited, my parents made their first visit to Honduras. The first 3 days of my parent’s visit we took advantage of having my dad here and held a Creation Conference. My dad was able to give 5 different presentations to help biblically answer many of the objections to the Bible that modern science tries use to undermine biblical authority. All 3 days of the conference were well attended and many people expressed that each of the sessions were very helpful in fortifying their faith. We have received feedback from several people who said that they had never heard a presentation so clearly explaining that Christians do not need to compromise their faith and accept evolution because true science lines up perfectly with what the Bible teaches.

After the conference we again enjoyed time with family. Since this was my parents first visit to Honduras it was fun introducing them to many of the unique things that we have here. They enjoyed getting to be a part of some of our weekly activities like Bible Club which is always a highlight. Thank you again for your faithful partnership with us in prayer and financial support.

From Honduras,
Nate and Cori, with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna.

McCoy Family in March 2020

March 2020

Psalm 28:7
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiced; and with my song will I praise Him.


We are finally winding up our Deputation journey. We had our last missions’ conference, had two presentations, and were in six churches. We are still praying that several commitments for monthly support will follow through.

We finished thinning out and sorting through belongings and tools and got everything pre-staged at a mini warehouse waiting on the shipping container. The container arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm on Feb. 6th and 12 wet volunteers got it all loaded including our Jeep in 3 hrs. As our container arrived at the port of New Orleans it was held by U.S. customs for 9 days. $610 later we were cleared and now our container will arrive March 7th and begin the Costa Rica customs process.

Kevin spent February 15-22 in Costa Rica for board meetings. The Association was formed and the initial documents finalized and turned into the national registry. The property where the church and the school building are is now a nonprofit association and Kevin is the Vice President and C.O.O. All of this will be a big help in the community and with the local municipalities moving forward.

In our spare time we got new health insurance, additional life insurance, new FL drivers licenses, got our taxes done and are now in the process of getting FBI background checks for our residency. This law came into affect over a year ago but just last week began enforcement. So mid process more to be done to meet the new requirement. Part of this was Sonya’s fingerprints which had to be done 3 times and hopefully we find out later today if they pass this time. Then we send everything to Washington D.C. for authentication. Pray we get our documents back by the end of the month.

Our family threw us a farewell party. We were able to show our presentation DVD and answer many questions about our ministry and Costa Rica in general. Our last service at our sending church, Gulf Coast Baptist Church, in Cantonment, FL was yesterday. We sang as a family for the very first time and Kevin preached and gave an update on our process. Lots of hugs and tears and some cake too. We will miss our church family.

As soon as Sonya’s fingerprints are accepted we plan to make one more lap to visit family one last time before we leave for Costa Rica on March 26th. We still have much to do and only 24 days to get it all done.

Thank you each and everyone for the prayers and encouragement and financial support.


In Christ,
Kevin and Sonya McCoy

Mortenson Family’s Feb. Letter

February 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for faithfully praying for our family. It is crazy to realize just how quickly time is flying. Yesterday Blake (our 9 year old) commented to me that this year is already going by really fast. Funny thing is that, for kids, time normally travels slow. Maybe for him it has been flying because of how busy we have been and how much he has been anticipating both sets of grandparents visiting in February. Whatever Blake’s reasoning, I had to agree with him, time is flying.

We have started the year off in some exciting ways. First and foremost has been that as a church family we have had several people trust Christ as their Savior during different services. Praise the Lord! Another exciting advancement in the last several weeks has been that we have consistently been needing to put out more chairs on Sunday mornings. Not having enough seating is a wonderful problem to have in church. Again, we just want to praise the Lord for what He is doing.

In January we were also able to partner with Jonathan Washer and Inside the Lines Ministries to put on an evangelistic basketball clinic. Bro. Washer’s ministry works primarily in the U.S. holding evangelistic basketball tournaments inside jails and prisons. He came down partially to explore the opportunities within the jails in Honduras but we took advantage of him being here and hosted a clinic for teens. The teens enjoyed the time but most importantly one teen trusted Christ as her Savior after one of the evening messages!

As we enter February, we are excited about having both Cori’s parents and my parents visit. We are also looking forward to our Come Away Conference (Feb 6-8), which is an enriching time of fellowship with other English speaking missionaries from different parts of Honduras and some other parts of Central America (we host this conference as a ministry team). We are excited to have Dr. Steve Pettit as our conference speaker. Please pray that the Lord would use this time to strengthen all of us to faithfully serve the Lord in the areas to which He has called us.

Many of you already know that my Dad (Dr. Terry Mortenson) serves with Answers in Genesis as a speaker, and while he is here we will host a Creation Conference. Our ministry partner Matt Goins will translate for my Dad, and both would appreciate prayers for God’s help. We are praying that the Lord will use the conference to help deepen and strengthen our church family.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I ask this, but please continue to pray for the Lord’s help for both Cori and I as we minister in Spanish. The process of communicating the wonderful truths of the Bible in another language is a humbling but wonderful privilege. Thank you again for your faithful partnership with us in prayer and financial support.

From Honduras,
Nate and Cori, with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna.

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