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The Valbuenas’ Latest Update

January 2024

Dear Friends,

I trust you are well.

Since our last newsletter the devil has tried to test our faith. We have had some challenges with some of the older children and staff, however, God’s providence rises above our expectations! Without delving deeper into the situation, we have had to part ways with three of our homegrown missionaries, and one staff of Subic Bay Children’s Home because of biblical indifferences which led to disciplinary action. We covet your prayers for us as we navigate through these obstacles that the devil has brought to our ministry. Also, please continue to pray for the children and staff in our home as it has also affected them. We need your prayers for us as we have had to deal with the emotional pain brought about by this great disappointment.

On a more uplifting note, God is truly in the business of blessing! Our new Solar generated electricity has been installed and working. It has helped with our monthly expenses tremendously, and we no longer have to deal with blackouts. Oh, what a joy and blessing! We are overwhelmed with appreciation for those who sacrificed to make this possible for us. Another praise report is God’s provision of two new social workers and a new teacher for the children’s home.

We now have three new mission church buildings up and running. We can hardly believe it! We have prayed for this for years, and the Lord has answered our prayers by providing the funds, for not only one, but three buildings, and three more! This is just the beginning and the Lord is raising up many more young men as pastors and missionaries!

Our son Timothy, the director of our AMAGOH ministry, is currently in Houston, Texas. The AMAGOH ministry started out as our bible basketball ministry. AMAGOH is an acronym for “A Man After God’s Own Heart.” Timothy is taking that ministry to another level to include more sports to reach more young people with the gospel. Please keep him and his young family in your prayers. This is his first time to be away from his wife, Bianca, and their two daughters and the AMAGOH ministry which is very dear to his heart. He is working at a company in Deer Park, TX during the week and on Sundays he is available to visit churches and present the AMAGOH ministry. Timothy’s return to the Philippines is on March 20th.

The Valbuenas
Your missionaries to Subic Bay Philippines


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McCoy Family’s Prayer Letter

Qué está pasando

February 2024


  • Many Gospel opportunities
  • New rental house
  • Projects moving forward

Prayer Requests

  • Gospel go forth
  • Get moved and settled
  • Upcoming trips to work out
  • My Dad – salvation


Nehemiah 2:18
Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me; as also the king’s words that he had spoken unto me. And they said, let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for his good work.


Nehemiah heard of the despair that Jerusalem was in through a family member. The walls were in ruins and the city was without protection. He was moved to do something about it and got to work right away praying first and then speaking to his boss. At the end of the day his boss gave him leave with pay and men and materials to go do the work that needed doing. Once there Nehemiah shared with the people how God had worked and provided to rebuild the walls. The people got on board and committed themselves to do their part. We have that same great God today and he is able and wanting to do what seems impossible in us and through us for his name’s sake and glory and for our good. Every ministry and local church has difficulties and projects that seem impossible to get started and then see to completion. We can be the hands and the feet like the people with Nehemiah and get it done.

We had a couple of big disappointments right out of the gate in 2024. The relief trip to Israel got canceled mostly due to the escalation of fighting in the surrounding areas we were to visit. Ultimately we work for the Lord and he can direct us as he sees fit. Not always fun or something we understand but onward and forward and on to the next thing we go. The property we have been praying about in the Bahamas has come to a standstill and its uncertain now if that will happen. Again, it’s all in the Lords hands and if it’s His will and plan it will work out in His timing. We are in the planning stage of an evangelistic tour through several of the other islands and also waiting for the health minister’s approval for a medical/dental clinic on two of the islands. On our housing situation we did get the keys to the new rental house and can begin moving in the next few days. We will have the whole month to get it done so plan to do a little at the time. There is no shed or parking cover or anyplace for storage so we hope to get a container and some temporary awnings to make it all work for now.

We continue to help local churches with miscellaneous training and their building needs. Right now we have two new construction projects and two remodel projects that we have committed to and are helping with. We help with permitting and associated legal paperwork and with finding sub-contractors and volunteers and as we can go and help physically a few days here and there. Victory Springs Independent Baptist has the windows and doors all in and footers poured for the metal framing and brickwork at the drive through entrance. The church has used a CPA to put a package together to seek a construction loan to speed up the process and hopefully finish the building this year. Grace Bible Baptist is moving forward and has prices for windows and doors and is working on finishing the interior framing and doing the grunt work for the sub-contractors and volunteers to begin the plumbing and electrical rough-ins. Missionary builders are on schedule to come and help as soon as they finish another project. Vision Baptist has purchased their metal building package and is waiting for final drawings to apply for the permit. First Baptist Ocoee met with an architect and is in the design phase. A lot going on and we are loving all the parts we can assist these churches with.

We did get to spend a few days in Alabama with dear friends relaxing and recharging and a little hunting, too. It was a good time had by all and much needed time to get encouraged and a little more wind in our sails to keep going. In ourselves we are nothing and nobody, but in Jesus we are children of the Most High God and King, and have all those rights and privileges and are so thankful he would use us in his kingdom’s work. Thank you all for your prayers and gifts and the encouragement we receive on a regular basis. Teamwork is the key.

In Christ,
Kevin, Sonya, Bethany, and Jon McCoy
Training Center International


Kevin (850) 777-0097
Sonya (850) 698-1694

The Mortensons’ February Letter

February 2024


Dear Family and Friends,

We hope that you all are well and enjoying the presence of the Lord in your lives.  Thank you so much for your prayers for us, we are thankful for what God is doing.  January has been a full month, but full in normal ways.  We have been able to start back to our Saturday morning Bible clubs in the neighborhoods near the church.  At both locations the kids were very excited that we are starting up again.  Our hope is that these children will grasp the truth of the gospel and be used of God in the years to come.

February is always a busy month for us as we get ready for outreach opportunities specifically with Medical Missions Outreach.  This year we have 5 surgical teams planned to come.  The first one will arrive the first week of March and we already have potential patients coming in to get patient files created and initial physical screenings done.  Please pray that as we minister through medicine we will clearly show the love of Christ, and that the patients we minster to will be open as we share the good news of salvation in Jesus.

Also in February, we help host an enrichment conference at our church for other English speaking missionaries located here in Central America.  The conference is designed to be a time of rest and fellowship around the Word of God.  Our guest speaker this year is Pastor Tate Throndson from Colorado.  The conference starts tonight, and concludes on Saturday morning.  So please pray for those that will be traveling locally and that the preaching will encourage all of us.

We are also thankful for Cori’s parents who are visiting with us for the conference again this year.  They will be with us for 2 weeks and we are thankful for their extended flexibility now that Cori’s Dad has retired.  At the end of the month my parents will also get the chance to visit again.  It has been 2 years since seeing my parents and so we are thankful for that time as well.

As I close I wanted to give one other quick update on Pastor Daniel Pineda and the new church plant on the other side of town.  They have had good attendance as they have held services now for about 3 months already.  Last Sunday they had a vision and charter service, with many forming official membership in the new church.  Please continue to pray for the Lord’s blessing, and that they would continue to grow, numerically and spiritually.

Thank you again for your prayers for us.


Prayer & Praise:

  • Pray for the missionary enrichment conference that we have here at our church.  Pray that all in attendance will be encouraged by the Word of God.
  • Pray for the Saturday morning Bible Clubs, that there would be receptive hearts in these children.
  • Please pray also for me as I teach another section of the theology class we offer at church.  That the study would strengthen the faith of the believers.
  • Thank you for your continued prayers for wisdom as we grow in our understanding of Type 1 diabetes, and how to best help Blake.


From Honduras,
Nate and Cori, with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake and Savanna


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