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The McCoys’ Latest From Costa Rica

September 2021


  • Spanish is improving
  • Recovered from COVID
  • Support steady
  • Able to get away for few days

Prayer Request

  • Gospel/witness opportunities
  • Church projects
  • COVID restrictions eased

Ephesians 4:11-12

And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

The verse lists special people whose purposes were for the edifying of the church, for the building up of something magnificent, to improve the mind in religious knowledge, to teach or persuade. When I look at this passage there are so many pastors, evangelists, and missionaries that come to mind. Countless men of God have poured into our family over the years. We are thankful for each and every one that has invested in us and our prayer is that they get a return on that investment: Fruit that remains.

I met a man several years ago on a business trip. We had kindred spirits and hit it off right away. We became good friends and kept in touch. After we surrendered to full time missions in Costa Rica, Al Irvin became one of our biggest cheerleaders and sources of encouragement. He really got to know us and our heart for the Lord’s ministry. From him we often received phone calls, text messages, and funds. Al became a vital part of our work here. He built us up every chance he got. It was always an encouragement to hear a verse or a quote or a principle from the scriptures. On August 18th Al went to heaven. He will be greatly missed. I share that with you as an encouragement for you to get to get to know your missionaries, and pray for them, and call them, and text them, and give toward them, and go to their field and help them, and please read their updates and newsletters. Whatever your vocation is you can edify someone in the body of Christ. Be like Al.

We have finished unpacking and settling in. Most everything is in its place. Our lease agreement is for 3 years so hopefully we can stay in one place for a while. We continue to find our way around town to know where to buy what and meet the vendors and salespeople. Even with social distancing and restrictions meeting people and building relationships is getting easier. We have had coffee and snacks with neighbors a couple of times. We had a really good visit with Ramon and his family that operate Campamento Beraca, a rehab facility similar to Salvation Army. We plan to visit the camp soon and plan to work with them training their people.

We have some projects at the church/seminary we want to get done soon. We have a bathroom and 2 classrooms we will share with the seminary that need to be finished from a remodel. Like everything else the virus has slowed down attendance, funds and laborers.

We did manage to get the virus. We caught it early and started the at home treatments right away. Our cases were mild in comparison to most and lasted around 10 days. We have felt almost back to normal and have had no fevers, etc. for a few days. Our church family and neighbors were a big help bringing meals, medications, and checking on us often. Since we have been here we have wanted to see the volcanoes. We went for a couple of days to see Arenal. It was nice to go and see the sights and catch our breath a little. It was kind of an early birthday present for Sonya.

From Sonya:

We continue to settle into the house God blessed us with in San Ramon. We have been able to get more into a routine after a long time of in between and in limbo. We are finding our way around this area, which is much larger than where we were. A friend from the church took Beth and I around the city to see different shops and where to buy things. There are many “Ropa Americanas.” They sell American clothes with flaws and blemishes that they can’t sell in the States. I am really enjoying the cooler temperatures, mid 60s at night and mid 70s during the day. The kids like the fact that the neighbor’s dog visits often – best type of pet. They also like to watch the creatures in the coffee plants that surround our yard, especially the young guatusas.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and partnership. We are truly grateful.

In Christ,
Kevin, Sonya, Bethany & Jon


McCoy Email:
Kevin 850 777-0097
Sonya 850 698-1694

The Mortensons’ September Letter

September 2021

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, life sure moves at an alarming speed, doesn’t it? Thank you all for faithfully praying for our family. We are doing well, and thankful for God’s strength and presence. While much of August was spent doing “normal ministry life,” which was a welcome reprieve from the busy summer, it was still a busy month. Our ministry partners, the Goins family, have been on a short furlough and so we have been covering many responsibilities that are presented in their absence. We praise the Lord for His strength and help in all of this. One of the exciting parts of this past month was that Cori organized and led a ladies fellowship at church. She did a great job leading the whole thing and sharing a devotional about overcoming fear. This was a wonderful topic, especially for these uncertain times, and we all need to be reminded that God has not given us the spirit of fear. Several ladies encouraged Cori after the fellowship by saying that her Spanish was very understandable, and the devotional was helpful to them. This may seem like a broken record of sorts, but please continue praying for our development in speaking Spanish. We are doing very well, but that does not mean by any stretch that we have arrived. We have been told by others that for them the first 3-5 years were so foundational and that after that period the continued learning process started to come more easily. We praise the Lord for the fluidity that we already have, and the privilege to serve Him as we continue learning.

Our Saturday morning Bible clubs have continued, and we praise the Lord for the good group of kids as well as the good weather we have had. It is one of the weekly activities that our entire family looks forward to doing. As we continue planting seeds in the hearts of these kids we trust that God, in his timing, will bring forth fruit. The need for them to understand the good news is paramount for their lives.

September represents another month of regular activities. We desire to never see routine as bad, but as the opportunity for consistency. Home schooling is in full swing and the kids are getting into a good rhythm as we start another school year. Within the ministry we desire to see continued growth in new souls saved, but also in deepening walks with the Lord. Continue praying for Cori and I as we do discipleship with a couple from church. Christian maturity is much more than a greater amount of head knowledge about the Bible, and so we need the Lord’s help as we walk together with this couple. Thank you again for your faithful prayers for us.



  • For the Lord to help us continue to grow in our Spanish speaking abilities and to be better able to minister for Him.
  • For continued spiritual growth in our church family.
  • For wisdom for discipleship.


In Christ,
Nate and Cori with Mykenzie, Grant, Blake a Savanna

The Fredericks’ September Update

September 2021


Building Fund: After a little more than two months we are excited to report that we are a little over $30,000 of our $165,000 goal. We are making progress. We still have four months to try to raise the remaining funds before the price potentially goes up. As I stated in our last letter, if your church would like to participate, feel free to contact me with a pledge. We will then contact those that have pledged to transfer funds once we are ready to purchase.

Bible Institute. Another student is on the home stretch and will be ready to graduate in the spring of 2022. The term which just started includes 11 students who have registered to study with us from around Thailand. We are doing a combination live/on-line class this term. Our graduate from last year, Dtom, has just completed recording an intro to the Bible class that will be used for incoming students.

Ministry: COVID, COVID, COVID. I know everyone is tired of hearing those words. We are as well. We have been closing and doing online services, opening for in person services, and then starting the rotation again. We had to cancel our yearly family camp again and our outreach has been severely impacted. It is getting tiring, but we are so thankful for the faithfulness of our members. To date we haven’t lost anyone and in a certain sense the situation has drawn people closer together. One area of ministry we are working on is using our foundation to facilitate new missionaries coming to Thailand. There are several Filipino families waiting for the COVID situation to ease in order to come to Thailand and begin ministry here. They will obtain visas and work permits through our foundation which will make the costs of moving and living in Thailand more bearable for them. In preparation for this, we have started three new branches around the country.

Health: I (Mike) had my one year checkup after my heart attack last year and am happy to report that the doctor gave me a clean bill of health. My heart function is on the low side of normal, but the doctor was pleased with the results. It is a relief to have a good report.

How to Help: You can pray for us and the ministry here. Please pray specifically for the man who has been coming to church for over 6 years but has yet to be saved. Pray for our two teen girls who faithfully come, but are very lonely (one is 13 the other 18). Because they are Christians, the other kids at school tend to shun them and it is difficult making friends. Please pray that we will be able to restart our outreach ministry soon. Lastly, pray about the building project. Time is moving quickly and we don’t have much time left. If you can help us to secure this great property you can give via PayPal , directly to our missions clearinghouse Central Missionary Clearinghouse , or please contact us with what you would like to pledge to the project. I am happy to answer any questions about this project via email or phone at 864-561-5217 (12 hours ahead of Central Daylight Time). My sending pastor, Mike Jones of Grace Baptist Church, Panama City, FL would happily answer any questions as well via email or phone (850) 818-3883.

Sowing the seed together,

Michael & Francisca Frederick

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