The Enfingers: December 2017

December 2017

Merry Christmas from Lamar and Dian Enfinger, Volunteer Mobile Missionaries, VMM 2017

Lamar and I would like to first thank all of you for your prayers and support.

We had a wonderful busy year and are thankful to have completed four projects. As most of you know we go into Christian camps and volunteer our time to help upgrade the camp to help it to be more ready and safer for the children coming to not only have fun but to learn more about Jesus.

Our first project this year was at Camp Gilead in Polk City, FI. Lamar and I worked with Dale and Marge Loven. We both parked our RV’s behind the motel on the camp. Facing the road there was a carpet golf course that had a Christian statement on each one. Like Daniel and the lions’ den it had three lions at the end to hit the ball through to get it to the hole. It’s a very creative golf course that the campers and visitors enjoy playing.

On Monday morning we started our project with prayer and devotion. We take turns sharing Gods Word and praying for the needs of the camp and family. That time is from 7:30 to 8:00am. Then the guys head for work that had been assigned to them by the director of the camp. We ladies listen to what the needs were for the three weeks there and decide where to begin. We then leave and get the necessary tools that are needed and begin working. On this project we were asked to take care of some paper work in the office and then help get things ready for the big garage sale at the end of the month. There had been so many things donated to the camp that it was getting over crowded in the building that kept just about everything. This garage sale would help not only clean up stuff laying around not being used but to bring in money to help with the camp necessities. After the tables were placed ail around the gym we started placing items on them. I was really surprised at how many things began to come in to sell. It took all three weeks for the preparation and during this time excitement began to fill the air. Flyers were placed all around the town to let it be known when and where the sale started.

The men cleared out a cabin that had caught on fire. They saved all of it that was still useable. They also placed a floor in one of the staff members home. This home also needed the porch painted. Then the men helped with setting up things at the gym and bringing in heavy equipment to be sold.

Lamar and I stayed a couple of extra days to help with the garage sale. After this we headed back to Pensacola.

Our next project was at Camp Grace in May. We worked with two other couples, Ed and Mila Vailliencourt, and Dean and Joy Crow. During this month it was very warm, and the flies decided to visit with us. We ladies were asked to scrap, sand, and paint the bleachers. The bleachers were located at the end of the lake where the campers would end their day and sing, pray and share testimonies. While working in the hot sun it helped to think about all the campers that would be sitting on the bleachers giving their testimonies or even accepting Jesus as their Savior. We wore hats to help keep the sun off and long sleeves. We worked hard and was very thankful when the job was complete. It wasn’t easy but with Gods help and his Grace we managed to successfully complete this job. The men did come behind us when they had time to help with cracked boards and replace them.

The men worked on the golf course, made a serving shelf in the kitchen and put up some cabinets.

In September we arrived at Ozone Tennessee to work at Camp Ozone. It was much cooler there and we were thankful. There in the mountains was a beautiful horizon and so much beauty. A lake was in the middle of the camp that we had to go around to get to the other side to work on the cabins. Many cabins that were there needed much tender care. The barn and the cabins all needed to have siding placed on them. The wood was donated to the camp that the men used to do this job. Someone outside the camp had ordered a lot of siding and it was the wrong size. The store decided to donate it to the camp to use. God knew Camp Ozone needed that wood but couldn’t afford to buy it, another sign of His grace for this to happen.

We ladies, Mila and I scrapped and varnished old signs that had been laying around for some time. This kept us plenty busy and it was on the other side of the lake where Lamar and Ed were working. We could see them outside the window and if we needed help we could give them a holler. We also cleaned the cabin to get it ready for other workers coming in to have a place to sleep.

This was a time that I was able to check off something on my bucket list. The camp had around a dozen goats. Two of the goats had to be milked every day. And yes, I wanted to milk a goat. It was fun once I learned what to do. Later we went into the Directors home and drank some cold goat milk. It was delicious. Then we watched Beth, the Director’s wife, make soap using the goat milk. It was fascinating and of course we bought some soap to take home and share with friends.

Brent and Beth only have one couple helping them full time on this large camp. There is another couple that helps them part time. At all Christian camps those working there live by faith and ask friends and churches for support. We appreciate your prayers for these Missionaries. This includes even the Directors of the camps. They have given all they have to do this kind of work and their hearts are completely in having the best place for children to come and learn more about Jesus.

On October 25 I, Dian had a doctor’s appointment. For almost three years I was diagnosed with Acquired Hemophilia. Chemo treatments didn’t stop us from working except for the first year. When first diagnosed with Acquired Hemophilia my doctor said there was no cure. But we as Christians know that God can cure anything. I was treated as if I had cancer because there was no kind of treatment that was known of to treat Acquired Hemophilia. In between treatments we just kept going and was able to witness to many about how God was keeping me alive. We shared with all that there is power in prayer and we believe that is why I am still here. On this day in October my doctor told us that my blood was clear of factor 8 attacking my antibodies. He believes that my (no cure) illness is completely gone. There had been no sign of it for 8 months. Amazing grace how sweet the sound. A miracle had happened, and God wasn’t through with me yet. Praise God for whom all blessings flow.

We were so happy to share with our church that night. Our church is a praying church and because of us trusting in Him completely to heal me and their continued prayers and it being God’s Will I am healed. God has his reason for this happening in our lives and we are blessed by being able to share with so many how he still answers prayer. To god be the glory.

Our last project this year was in Camp Gilead, Polk City, Florida. We worked with four other couples there: Ed and Mila Vailliencourt, Dock and Billie Adams, Paul and Bonnie Voss, and Dean and Joy Crow. It was a great group.

Here the men had a big job. Because of the recent hurricane the camp had quite a bit of damage. One thing asked of the men was to try to get a very large shed out of the lake. Now, this shed was about 3 feet in the lake. It was full of supplies needed so it was very heavy. The men decided to take the canoes and paddle out to the door of the shed and get the things inside and put in the canoes and bring to shore. This was done with all working together. Then they tied a large chain around the shed. A tractor was driven down to this area and one of the men’s jeep was used. With a lot of prayer and tugging and pulling the shed was slowly pulled to dry land. Wow, that was a real deal. Thank you Lord for all your help. It couldn’t have been done without His presence. After this the men spent days pulling up poison weeds away from the nature trail, so it would be safe for the campers. Another chore was to cut down some rotten limbs from a large tree.

We ladies cleaned cabins and rooms for the campers and guests. This kept us quite busy, but we were asked to do this, and we understood the need.

Three weeks went by fast and we are all blessed to have been able to help and believe this Mission project has been a great accomplishment. Until the next project in March we ask continued prayers for health, wisdom and continuing strength to do what God has chosen in our life. Thanks again for all your prayers and we pray that you have a very Merry Christmas.

In His Love,
Lamar and Dian Enfinger
Psalm 23

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