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February 2018

Ministry Partners,

Job delights in God as his salvation despite his friends’ counsel that he is an evil doer before God. Our conscience must be right before God and before men in what we do and Job 13 is a great passage to read. The only solution that Job puts forward to his friends, “I would speak to the Almighty, and I desire to argue my case with God” (Job 13:3). We believe that we all have concerns in life but remember that we must take them to God Almighty. He is concerned about our lives. many people around us would question God and be bitter regarding issues of their concern, but note, “Though he slay me, I will hope in Him; yet I will argue my ways to His face” (Job 13:15). Please do that with me before the Lord this month.

We did arrive in the States on November 1, 2017, but we had to go back to Kenya (12/14/2017) for about 10 days for Edna’s Mom’s funeral. We did return to the States on the eve of Christmas (12/24/2017). Truly God has been faithful despite the change of weather, readjusting to the American life and food but in all we are fairly well. Ian and Regina are freshmen at Iowa State University and with great desire to become medical doctors, if God wills. They are studying biology as their major and hopefully to be able to take some biblical courses in the future from Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary. Rena is already going on with her schooling at Ankeny Christian Academy. They are all actively involved with the youth ministry at Ankeny Baptist Church, which is our sending church. We are so thankful for their getting friends and being around other believers for their spiritual growth. Pray for them to grow in the Word and that God’s will and purpose be fulfilled in their lives. Ian has eyesight struggle and needs to get glasses sometimes soon. Edna and I are doing well but dealing with colds and coughs. Edna is on antibiotics for an ear infection and trusts that she will be well soon. We have settled well so far at 4208 65th Street, Urbandale, IA 50322, which is a beautiful church’s missionary house. We thank God for this provision.

We have been speaking in some churches and working on furlough schedule. We have already covered five churches by this month of February 2018 besides speaking at the Seminary two times and attending the Refresh Conference at Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary. It has been challenging this time to schedule because many churches have removed evening services and spreading about fifty churches over the year for morning services will go into early next year. We don’t know if that is the trend around the country or not. Please pray for God’s leading in the scheduling. Pray also for safety during our travels as we crisscross the States around the country.

Because of schedules for our travels and school for kids and their work (at Hy-Vee), we will have to try our best to navigate this diligently. Ian and Regina were required, by Iowa laws, to hold on their driving permit for at least 12 months or when they turn Eighteen to receive a full driving license. At times I will be forced to travel alone, without Edna, because of the kids’ school and work schedules. We need God’s wisdom in what we want to do for the ministry and for the family, too. The travels will be very tight with almost every weekend going to a church. We are trying to do more around the Midwest during winter and begin traveling through Iowa in the summer (June-August 2018) and then back to some more Midwest churches later during the year. Our support currently is about 88% due to increased insurance and losing three supports, i.e. two individual supports by death and one church closing up. Pray that this support would come in soon. Please direct your monthly gifts, as well as one time gifts for ministry, through Baptist Mid-Missions.

The ministry in Eldoret is truly going on well. We communicate with our men and church members and they seem to be doing a great work. We believe that they will demonstrate good leadership in our absence and that will help them, too, in taking over the church, or some moving out with us in the future to start other church plants. Pray for the church growth and maturity, and that some of these men would sense God’s call to ministry and move on to the next opportunity of ministry. The building project will hold on for some time because of finances, but the church in Eldoret continues to give towards building as we ask friends also to support the project as much as they can. We have received already gifts of $1400 dollars towards the building project. Please pray that this project will come to completion as we move to the next ministry opportunity by God’s grace.

Pray for peace in Kenya. Political temperature affects ministry opportunities and we want to be available and a blessing to those who need the Word. Pray for good health for our aging parents back in Kenya as well as some of our siblings to walk with the Lord and others to come to know Christ.

Pray for an effective ministry here in the States. Pray that men and women and couples would join us in the field of Kenya, whether it be in short-term or long-term, so as to train more ministry leaders in the work of ministry. We desire to grow in the Word as well so as to be a blessing to the pastors and churches we attend. We desire “to preach the Lord Jesus,” that “the hand of the Lord” be with us that others might see “the grace of God” in us, and that we “remain faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose.” (Acts 11:20-23).

In His Care,
Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena
1 Peter 4:17

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