Muindis’ April 2018

April 2018

Dear Ministry Partners,

Because of his obedience to God and his faithful efforts to rebuild the temple, Zerubbabel was truly “a servant” of the Lord. The Lord gave Zerubbabel a place of honor and authority and referred to him as a valued “signet ring.” As a governor, God had “chosen” Zerubbabel for a unique and noble purpose (Haggai 2:23). Pray that our God, whom we serve, who chose us, will make us “A Signet Ring” on His finger.

In February the month begun with “Refresh Conference” at Faith Baptist Bible College. It was a good time for spiritual nourishment and touching base with many friends and students. It was good to speak at the Seminary chapel and interact with the professors. We were able to visit the following churches: Murray Baptist Church, Murray, IA; Calvary Baptist Church, Rochester, MN; and Adelphi Calvary Baptist Church, Runnells, IA. We thank God for safety in storms and on slick roads, and blessing the churches’ ministries. Thank you all for your hospitality, financial support, and prayers.

In March we had the opportunity to fellowship in the following churches: First Baptist Church, Yarmouth, IA; Oakland Baptist Church, Oakland, MN; Calvary Baptist Church, Forest City, IA; First Baptist Church, Monroe, IA; and Faith Baptist Church, Cambridge, IA.  We truly feel honored to present ministry updates regarding our ministry in Kenya so as to rejoice together in what God is doing. I give thanks to the pastors for opening their pulpits for me to share God’s Word, too.

It was also a blessing to attend the “Men for Christ” rally at IARBC camp in Clear Lake, IA and there after attend the IARBC annual conference at Calvary Baptist Church in Mount Pleasant, IA.

In this month of April, we look forward to meeting some of you from the following churches: Faith Baptist Church, Fort Dodge, IA; Calvary Baptist Church, Webster City, IA; Faith Baptist church, Albert Lea, MN; First Baptist Church, Bloomfield, IA; and Faith Baptist Church, Hermantown, MN. Please pray for God’s guidance and help for faithfulness, boldness, and effective ministry throughout our furlough.

Pray for our family as we keep adjusting to the weather, travel schedules, school and work schedules for the kids until they get their driver’s licenses at the end of September 2018. It is one of our main challenges that we long to overcome. We shall be forced to split the family sometimes so as to meet the challenge and sometimes Stephen will have to travel alone. It is not our best desire but, we will have to accept it for now. Keep praying for good health and for our extended family back in Kenya. Pray for God’s work at Elgon View Baptist Church, Eldoret, Kenya. We do desire to finish up the Church Building Project, but finances are challenging. If you would like to give toward the church planting Building Projects in our ministry, please, send through Baptist Mid-Missions and make a note, “Muindi Building Projects.” Just imagine if 100 churches gave a one-time gift of a thousand dollars. We would have enough to finish the work and move on. A one-time gift of any amount would be a blessing to our ministry.

On the other hand, our “Monthly Support” is at 88%. This is the first time we are experiencing this deficit in our support. We do ask you to partner with us in prayers and financial support. We want you to be part of what God is doing in Africa as you participate with us in the establishment of Biblical churches that each truly preach, teach, and reach the world with God’s Word. If you have not been able to hear about our ministry let us know how we could make contact with you. Even Wednesday prayer meetings could be of great opportunity to know what is happening in Kenya, Africa. We gladly want to spend and be spent for saving and edification of souls (2 Corinthians 12:15).

In His Care,
Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena
Haggai 2:23

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