Bob Johnson – July 2013

July 2013

Dear friends in Christ,

It has been an unusual time since the last time I wrote you. It seems we have had so many problems. While we were on a trip in South Carolina Louise, my wife fell and almost broke her knee. For the next six weeks she was in a wheelchair, but God blessed. She is now doing fine and back doing the work that she loves to do. She has been a driving force in my life for the past 50 years and God willing she will be until we arrive in heaven.

We continue our mission to be in as many churches as possible sharing the gospel, looking for the new missionaries whom God has called, and seeking to raise funds for missions. God is still blessing us in this effort, and we hope to continue serving him in this way for years to come. As we travel to the different churches we have been impressed with the desire the people have to reach the lost around the world. At a time when some are pulling back in their support for missions, there are churches that are taking on new missionary support. I thank God for the vision which these churches have and still believe that God is able to supply everything they need.

God has richly blessed us at Baptist International Mission Inc. with a great group of new missionaries. How wonderful it is to see God calling young men and women into His service. In the month of June God gave us a total of 64 new missionaries in Candidate School. Some of our missionaries have had to retire because of health problems or simply because of age. It is great to see these new ones fill this need.

Please remember our silent heroes at our home office. If it were not for these servants of God all of our missionaries would suffer. These selfless workers work in the back ground without recognition from man, and small remuneration. Please thank God for them, and ask Him if He would like you to support our home office.

Dr. Robert W. Johnson

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