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June 2013

Andersons to Peru

This year we started our school year with our big evangelistic event, Peru En Mis Manos. Just three weeks after school started at La Molina Christian Schools over 250 students, staff and some parents went to 30 different places and handed out close to 3,000 gift packages that included a Gideon New Testament and a Gospel tract among other things.

March continued to be busy as our church presented an Easter drama to nearly 400 people each night for three nights. Janise had the privilege of participating this year. We were excited that our neighbors went to see the presentation.

In March we also hosted Fortifying Fatherhood, our first breakfast and Bible Study for the dads from our school. Twenty-seven fathers showed up. We plan on hosting this event several times throughout the year.

May was our Mother’s Day evangelistic brunch for ladies at our church with over 220 in attendance. We also had a brunch with 30 moms from school.

Also in May we had our High School Retreat. This year we divided the boys and the girls and also the older girls from the younger girls. That meant we were running three retreats at the same time, which was definitely challenging but worth it.

Please pray that we can put Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” into practice as we seem to go from one major event to another. This year has been a bit tough, and we haven’t had much time to rest in between events. We are all starting to feel the effects.

Thank you for your prayers and your support,

Rick and Kathy Anderson

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