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Bob & Louise Johnson: June 2017

June 18, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As we visit the different churches presenting Jesus, Missions, and Baptist International Missions Inc., we began to feel like we have experienced about everything in the churches. We found this was not true. We were in a church which allowed us to come and present missions in a service with them. This we did and all seemed to go well in the service. A couple of weeks later a man, who belonged to the church, called and asked me to get in touch with him. When I did I found all the leaders – Pastor, Ass. Pastor, Youth Leader, and Song Leader had resigned and left the church without giving a reason. Please Pray for Calvary Baptist Church.

We as a nation and a world are in a condition which I believe has never happened in history. I also believe we are very close to the return of our Lord. Until then our missionaries are working in many countries where it is dangerous just to be there. It is not enough for our missionaries to be there but they must get the gospel out to the people. I remember when we were in South Africa leaving home in the morning to work in the villages not knowing if I would be coming home again that night. As missionaries we put our lives in God’s hands but we are still human. Most of our missionaries are married and many have small children. The stress load is great. Pray God will protect them and give them the strength to stand firm in this time and reach many for Christ.

I want to especially thank those of you that have sent funds to help us get out of debt. Because of your giving we only have one third of our debt left. Thank you! To all we ask for you to pray about helping with the last of the medical bills.

This week we have been missionaries with BIMI for Forty Four Years!!

Praise God!!!!!

Yours in Christ,
Dr. Robert W. Johnson

Baptist International Missions Inc.

The Enfingers in May 2017

May 2017

Volunteer Mobile Missionaries

Lamar and Dian Enfinger – Coordinators
Ed and Mila Vailliencourt
Dean and Joy Crow
Our project was at Camp Grace, Fairmont, North Carolina. There was so much to be completed before camp started. The weather was very warm but knew with God’s Grace He would give us the strength to handle what was needed to be accomplished.

The men replaced baseboards and shoe mold in one of the staff housing units. They also installed shelves and handles for the cabinets in the new Snack Shack. They worked on the golf course replacing timbers and placed new timbers in the ground separating each section. They also placed sheet rock in the bathroom of a staff housing facility. The men worked from 8 am to 4 pm, with two fifteen minute breaks and an hour for lunch.

We ladies worked on the bleachers which face a big wooden Cross, a large fire pit for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, and also face the big, blue, beautiful lake of Camp Grace. We were visited with yellow flies, misquotes and the very bright sunshine. We scrapped the old paint off of the bleachers with our sombreros on to help block the heat of the sun. Then we sanded and finally painted the bleachers with a dark brown paint. I must say that the bleachers looked so much better. We worked from 8:00 am to 11:30 am. After that we made lunch for our men.

Our day actually began meeting in the back part of the office with prayer, devotion, and singing. This was from 7:30 to 8:00 am. Each of the volunteers had a turn for devotion and also some of the staff came and shared their testimonies.

Three weeks seemed to pass by so fast. It helps when we stay so busy. One weekend we all went to a Christian Pirate Show. It was a lot of fun and plenty of food. It was good to just relax and enjoy fun entertainment.

This was another project finished to help the camp be safer and more available for the campers coming in June.

Our hearts are truly blessed again to be able to volunteer like this. We all live in our campers, which is required, and just enjoy being Volunteer Mobile Missionaries.

Thank you for your support and especially your prayers.

Because of Christ,
Lamar and Dian Enfinger

Bob & Sylvia Ellis: Mexico Missions

June 2017

Dear Pastor, Church Family and Friends,

I am on the board of a ministry named the Mexico Mission Special Support Fund (MMSS Fund). At our annual board meeting in late April I was voted to serve as the General Director of the ministry.

The MMSS Fund helps young men in Mexico attend Bible college. We pay $100.00 per month toward their school bill. This covers 85% to 90% of tuition, room and board. Our purpose is to help young men who are called to preach, not the Bible colleges themselves. However, we do send the $100.00 per month for each young man we have agreed to help to the college he attends. This way we avoid putting a temptation before the young man to pay for another pressing need rather than his school bills.

We help only those who have completed a year of college and meet the guidelines we have given to the college. Each young man must:

       1. give a positive testimony of his Salvation experience;
       2. testify to a definite call to preach;
       3. have a servant attitude;
       4. be involved in extension ministries during his freshman year of college;
       5. be committed to planting churches in Mexico; and
       6. maintain good grades.

Upon graduation and involvement in a church planting ministry, the young man will receive support from the Fund for two years at $100.00 per month. The first young man the MMSS Fund is supporting graduated from Bible college in May, 2016. He is involved in a new church plant which now has six families attending.

Replacing retiring missionaries has been a concern for a number of years, coupled with the rising cost of sending American young people to other lands. New approaches to obeying the Great Commission should be considered.

In a five-year period the MMSS Fund invests approximately $5,000.00 in a young man who knows the language and customs of his homeland. To send an American couple, with their education costing $160,000.00 ($20,000.00 each year), plus the cost of their deputation, expenses could easily reach near $200,000.00. At some point, they would need to go to language school and also learn the culture and customs before becoming truly effective in ministry in a foreign country.

I trust you will consider the MMSS Fund as mission dollars become available in your ministry. My primary ministry will be raising funds for the MMSS Fund.

I covet your prayers for us in this ministry.

In His service.
Bob Ellis

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