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The Fredericks in May 2017

May 2017

Dear Praying Partners,

Happy New Year from Thailand!  April is the traditional Thai New Year and we celebrated in conjunction with Resurrection Sunday this year for a truly memorable event.  It is a ceremony called Rote Nahm Dahm Hua.  It is where the younger people pay their respect to the elders.  It is a memorable time for our Thai Christians and a great opportunity to incorporate Thai traditions into the traditions of our church.  Just in case you are wondering, no it isn’t a Buddhist ceremony.

Bible Institute: We have started the new term of our institute.  This term there are four students enrolled.  We will be learning about Ecclesiology.  We will start to video tape the lessons in the hopes of making our classes available to all Thai Bible students.  I have enlisted the help of some other missionaries in the country to teach classes in the hopes of having a first-class Bible College level curriculum available in the next few years.  This is not just my project but will be done in collaboration with many.  This is a need that has been lacking for many years.  Due to the vast distances between churches and the small congregations, an internet based Bible College seems like the best course of action as opposed to the traditional campus where everyone comes to us.  Please pray for this endeavor.  We will need three more computers, three video recorders, and at least three microphones to get this project off the ground.  We are praying that we can find someone who is good with video editing to help put a quality project online.

Ministry:  We continue to reach out to our community in many ways.  Primarily through tract distribution and by teaching at the local university.  Our student population has been growing slowly thanks to the faithfulness of those already attending.  It is such an encouragement to see university students concerned about their friends and bringing their friends to hear the Word of God.  We are also exploring the idea of having an evangelistic outreach using apologetics and engaging people with contemporary questions/issues.  This will meet in a local coffee shop and the format will be very informal.  It is not a replacement for church, but a way to engage with members of the community by, hopefully, answering questions they may have.  Many are hesitant to go to church since they are “not Christian.”  Please pray for wisdom in how to proceed with this ministry.  It is discouraging to advertise, plan, and execute a plan only to have not one person show up. Lord willing, we will have our first encounter at the end of May with the start of the new school year.  All of our services are live-streamed (only the preaching) on YouTube at New Life Baptist Church Chiang Mai and are usually shared on Facebook at shortly after our services are completed.  If you are curious about our services or have a Thai friend that would be blessed by Biblical teaching, please tune in.

Family News: We are pleased to announce the birth of our fifth grandchild to our oldest daughter and her husband, Maget and Adam Jones.  It is tough being far away from family, but it is a great comfort to know that all our children are actively serving the Lord in various capacities and we have the opportunity to periodically visit.

Pray for:  Salvation of Mike’s students and fellow teachers; salvation for a man who still comes regularly (more than a year); Hannah (our youngest daughter) for her college school bill and her university studies as well as a job this summer;  a Bible school student to repent and return to school; wisdom in ministry matters;  results of outreach.

We are truly humbled to be a part of your missions program and look forward to many more years of service together.

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him.

For Christ in Thailand,
Mike & Francis Frederick  facebook:


The Fredericks’ March 2017

March 2017

Dear praying partners,

Greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior. Let me begin by thanking each and every one of you for your faithful prayers and support. It amazes me when I reflect on the wonderful team the Lord has assembled to plant churches in Thailand.

Missions Trip: Our churches missions trip to Cambodia was a great success. We visited several churches and missionaries while in Cambodia. It is a tough field with many similarities to Thailand but with their own challenges. The trip has had a positive impact on our church members. We are thankful for those that gave to help offset the costs of the trip. After returning from the trip, one young man expressed interest in starting back to Bible Institute to better prepare to serve the Lord in the future. He seemed really burdened about the Cambodian people. Who knows, maybe our church will have the privilege of sending out another missionary!

Ministry: Mike continues to work at the university to make contacts with students and staff. Recently a student has started attending faithfully and has since joined the church. She brings a lost friend almost every week. Lord willing, she will be saved soon. The university ministry is a great outreach opportunity. Like most ministries in Thailand, it is slow, but the Word is being sown and we will trust the Lord to give the increase in His time. We were just notified that our co-workers are leaving the field in the next week. This will be a huge blow for us as Mike will have to assume many more responsibilities. It is also a setback from a fellowship aspect. It is encouraging to have fellow laborers who can lift us up in times of discouragement. It is an unfortunate reality that so many Independent Baptist missionaries labor alone.

Bible Institute: Lord willing we will be starting classes again in April. As of now, it is possible that we may have three students attending. Please pray for the potential students and their future ministry.

Please pray for Mike’s students and fellow teachers for salvation. There is a man who still comes regularly but has yet to be saved. Please pray for his salvation as well. Please pray for: Backslidden members to return or find a good church; Hannah (our youngest daughter) for her college school bill and her university studies; a Bible school student to repent and return to school; wisdom in ministry matters; results of outreach.

Words cannot express our thanks for your faithfulness to support our ministry both spiritually and materially for the past fourteen plus years.

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him.

For Christ in Thailand,
Mike & Francis Frederick facebook:

The Fredericks in January

Dear prayer partners,

Tuesday, the 24th, we will be leaving for Cambodia to take many of our church members on a mission’s trip. We will be assisting two churches in Phnom Penh and a third church in Khampong Chom. We are excited to expose our folks to missions and church life in another culture and context. We will be passing out literature and DVD’s, sharing testimonies, and trying to encourage the Christians in Cambodia. There will be 11 total going on the trip. Please pray for us for safety and that God would use this trip to encourage the Cambodian churches and missionaries as well as encouraging our church in their walk with the Lord, willingness to be a good testimony, and to surrender for the Lord’s use. You can see pictures of our trip on our Facebook page Let us know you’re praying for us. Thanks, and God Bless.

Mike & Frances Frederick

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