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Holmquist July 2013 Update

July 2013

Dear Friends,

As we drove home from church one Sunday, the night sky was filled with smoke and colorful lights from fireworks. Loud cheering emanated from the homes and bars of our neighborhood and a group of rowdy young people marched down our street singing and beating drums. Brazil’s national soccer team had just humbled the vaunted team from Spain to win the Confederations Cup. It was a bright spot for Brazilians in a month otherwise filled with unrest and tumult here since many citizens have increasingly grown weary of widespread political corruption. Most of the major protests and disturbances are happening miles from our neighborhood, but there is a general feeling of uneasiness that pervades the entire city of Rio. It is as good a time as ever to be here preaching of the peace that only the Messiah, Jesus Christ, can bring. Please continue to pray for the salvation of souls here.

Recently the pastors of several churches here in Rio met together and on the agenda were some important topics that we want to share with you, our prayer supporters:

• The meeting was bittersweet as Pastor Ricardo shared with the group that the Lord has called him to pastor a church in another state beginning next year. He and his wife will be sorely missed in Rio but we are thankful for their years of faithful service here in the city. Please pray that the Lord would raise up more laborers for Rio.

• We talked about strategies for the future of the church in Rio and the pastors agreed that the work of church planting in the city must continue. I brought up my interest in an area on the west side of the city that is home to over 100,000 people. The west side of Rio has experienced explosive population growth over the past 10 years and the trend of growth continues to rise. The pastors are excited and committed to help us plant a church in this area. This week we have begun surveying the area and looking for housing. Please pray with us as we seek God’s guidance regarding this new church planting endeavor.

• We also discussed the need for leadership training both here in Rio and among the Indian tribes with whom we’ve had contact. At the meeting, we outlined a basic curriculum and divided responsibilities for the development of the curriculum. Our eventual plan is to finish the curriculum and record the sessions on video as we teach through them. This will enable us to publish the course on the internet (or other types of media) in order to maximize its usefulness. We are excited that this project is being headed up and managed by a veteran Brazilian pastor (an answer to prayer from our last letter). Please pray with us as we develop this training tool for the advance of the gospel in Brazil.

My recent study leave in the US was profitable and now we look forward to investing in what God has for us in the next two years of our term here in Rio. Thank you for your continued prayers for the church in Bento Ribeiro, Rio and for our colleagues, the Patefields and Joy Hunt, as they continue to minister there. In July, I have two special opportunities to preach and would appreciate your prayer for these events as well: The anniversary of a sister church in Rio on July 20, and Winter Youth Camp from July 25 to July 27 (yes, it is winter here!).

Our family wants to express our sincere gratitude for your care and support of the work in Rio.

Love in Christ,
The Holmquists

The Lee Report

June 2013

Greetings from Korea

We are now in the rainy season here in Korea. Each rainy season brings a lot of flood damages to rice paddies, the crops on the field and causes many landslides. But thank God that the Word of God stays the same yesterday, today and forever.

Praise God for His blessings on the ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church. We had 11 new souls added to our church and 4 visitors last Sunday service. We have a new baptistry and hope to use it as often as we can to baptize the new converts in the future.

Three young men are back home from the States for summer vacation. They were saved and baptized at our church and are now in school in the States receiving the training for God to use them in the future. They need your prayers.

Bro Cho, who was saved and baptized at our church, will be hospitalized tomorrow. He is preparing to donate half of his liver in order to transplant it to his father. We were told he and his dad both will be operated on side by side on the operating table for 14 hours. This must be a very serious surgery they will undergo and they need your prayers that the Lord’s mercy be upon them. Bro Cho serves as song leader and as a church treasurer.

Bro Yang is going through some trials at the present time. He was sent out of our church five years ago to start a new mission work. He might have to rejoin our church and prepare to start another work in some other area. He and his family need your prayers for God’s direction in the future.

Please do remember our family and our work in your prayers. Cathy is not doing good physically with her back problem.

I do need God’s help, strength and wisdom for our ministry at LBC. I praise God for our being able to preach the Word each Sunday. Thank God for the desire He gave me to preach and proclaim the gospel of His kingdom to the lost souls of the Korean people.

Once again words cannot properly express our deep gratitude to each of you for your prayers, love, concern and your sacrificial support for our work of missions in Korea and our family. We are always so grateful for all the cards and letters that you send to us. It is such an encouragement and is uplifting to Cathy and myself.

With spirit of humility,
The Lee family in Korea

The Canters in April

April 2013

Dear Friends, Prayer Warriors, Loved Ones, and Supporting Churches:

We have returned from a very busy two month visit to the States. We were in five churches and three missions conferences. It was revitalizing to see God’s working in the hearts of Christians concerning their relationship to missions. We also gave our youngest daughter’s hand in marriage to Kevin Roberts. Kevin and Janette are now serving as the full-time youth pastor and wife in a young and thriving Baptist church.

On the day of our return, Nagae left on a eleven day trip to the Holy Land. God blessed the services here while he was gone and protected him during the trip. I filled in for the three services while he was gone. Nagae returned a changed man after seeing the Holy Land in real life

It is now official that Nagae is leaving our church plant to replace the pastor at Yokohama Baptist Church. The Yokohama church voted April 21 to accept Nagae as their new pastor; the pastor of fifty-two years will become the missions pastor during the change. Evangelist Fukuda will replace Nagae at our church plant. Last Sunday was the last day for the Nagaes. I will fill in for the Wednesday prayer meetings through April 15 to help the Fukudas with their transition. We will also change the Sunday School classes. Kimiyo and I will temporarily take over the Jr. High/College Career class.

Pray for the Tsukuba church plant and for Yokohama Baptist Church as we go through these changes. Changes of this nature are not easy, but with God in it, they will be less difficult. Pray that the changes will not affect the churches or attendance.

We can report another salvation decision, Miss Oide. Pray that she will make a commitment for
baptism soon. Baptism is a difficult decision to make for the Japanese; in most cases, it is more difficult than salvation. Please pray for the Shibutani family, Kimiyo’s parents. Her dad is in the hospital with pneumonia and is not doing well; he is 82. She had a chance to talk to him earlier this month and she is confidant that he has places his trust in Jesus as his personal Saviour.

We appreciate your faithful prayers and continued support. Thank you!

In His Service,
Stephen and Kimiyo

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