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Muindi June Prayer Letter Highlightes

June 2012

Dear Ministry Partners,

The context of Colossians 4:1-6 identifies the need for believer’s commitment to prayer and thanksgiving toward God, and wise lifestyle toward the unsaved in order to redeem time. It is here that Paul gives the imperative on the characteristics of our communication and the purpose of our message when he says, “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer every man” (Col 4:6). “All we need for evil to triumph is for good men to keep silent long enough” (Edmund Burke). Remember that “the lips of the wise disperse knowledge” (Pro. 15:7).

The date is set and the tickets are already been bought and in our hands. The D-day is August 28, 2012. Our support currently stands at 90% and we need to raise about $630 before leaving the States in August. Please pray that the needed support would come in God’s time. We know that it would take two or three churches or individuals to keep us at 100% support level. Please pray for our monthly support or a one-time gift to the Building Project ($49,000 needed) or Ministry Vehicle ($7,000 needed).

As a family, we thank the Lord for the opportunity to see the great land of the Unites States. We had the opportunity to see the Pacific Ocean, the hills and the valleys of Utah, Oregon, Wyoming, and South Dakota. We came through Yellowstone, Devil’s Pillar, Mt. Rushmore, and the Badland. Our kids noted that nothing should be attributed to the devil and that there is no bad land but amazing and wonderful land that God created (Psalm 104). Pray for us as we travel to the East, namely, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio. We trust that the Lord will give us opportunities of fellowship with other believers in the churches and with co-workers in ministry at GARBC Conference on June 25th – 29th 2012 and BMM annual conferences on July 9th-12th 2012. Please pray that the Lord will call more missionaries to labor in the mission field of Kenya with us. There are many opportunities available to serve God in Kenya. Please, COME HELP in evangelism, discipleship, training and planting more biblically sound churches.

“Pray for us that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ” (Col 4:3). Thank you all for your commitment to pray, encourage, and to financially support God’s work. 

Together in His Harvest,

Stephen & Edna Muindi with Ian, Regina and Rena

John 4:36-38

Enfinger Prayer Letter – May 2012

May 2012

Greetings from Lamar and Dian Enfinger in Richmond, Indiana.

How blessed Lamar and I are to have the health to continue volunteering in Christian Organizations. This is our 2nd month here at New Creations in Indiana. This place is a boarding school for troubled teens. At the present there are about 26 young men and women here. Prayer is needed for them and for more teachers.

Our men, Lamar, Harold, Mike, Dave and Bobby are working on an empty staff house. When we ladies go to the work site for 10 O’clock break we can hear the buzzing of saws and the nailing sound surrounding the area. The men seem pleased to see us coming there knowing we are bringing treats for break time.

There is busy work for the men and ladies and we are thankful to be able to help in this small way. The weather is in the 70’s and 80’s. Warm and dry. Not like Pensacola at the present with all the floods. Our prayers especially go out to the families of Pensacola and for the family’s involved in the wild fires out West. Prayer is so powerful and we believe the need to pray without ceasing is so necessary, especially in times like these.

I had the privilege to go to the girls’ dorm and teach a song in sign language. Some of them know some signs and it made it a lot easier. The song is “Praise you in the Storm” by Casting Crowns. We all go through storms in life and these young ladies are just trying to find their way with some help. Also the Lord opened the door for me to give some encouragement. One teen spoke out – but I don’t like it here. I shared God has a reason for her to be here at this time. I then shared what the words in the song we were learning meant. It was a short bonding which we hope let them know we cared. Now we get a couple of hugs at meals, a wave or two and some smiles.

Our retirement is so full of rewards, adventures, passion and so much more. Our Heavenly Father is in control and we seek his guidance daily.

Thank you again for your support and most of all your prayers. Prayers are so much strength to us in our lives.

Closing with a song in our hearts:


Enfinger Letter: April 2012

 April 2012

I believe most of you know what MMAP.ORG stands for.  Many people join from different areas of life but all know the Lord as their Savior, support themselves, have a trailer of some kind that is self sufficient and have their own medical ins. This must be a married couple, man and woman, willing to serve the Lord where ever needed.

After devotion this morning, Bob’s turn, he mentioned he had been a Scientist.  He shared some verses in the Bible and his view was interesting.  He was right, just got us to thinking more.  Each morning we take turns leading devotions from 7:30 to 8:00.  It is good to read from the Bible and share what we learned and grow closer to our Lord.

On this project the men’s background is a Scientist, Teacher, Mechanic and an Engineer.  The women’s background is an Interpreter for the deaf and Writer, a Hairdresser and Clerical, a Teacher and a Counselor for the mentally impaired.  Though separate lives we have lived in the past we all have in common the knowledge of knowing Jesus Christ as our personal Savior.  We have the desire to serve the Lord by working in camps to help make them larger and safer, more accessible and more comfortable.  While at the projects we want to give our best in what is expected of us and to learn even more with on the job training.

Serving the Lord all aroundAmericais our goal. Of course it is good to know that for those that want to be a part of this ministry the men are expected to work 4 days a week with a 7 hour day.  The women work if needed and want the challenge.

Working with Mappers has been a delight in our lives.  Not only do we learn while working at a camp the different duties but also learn from each other.  We try to encourage each other, listen to each other and see what the Lord has for each of us.

Here at this camp the men are installing insulation to keep the old cabins warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  The cabins are very old but still in good shape.  They have also installed a vent and a cover for it.  They are doing this to two of the cabins.  When they are finished or just before finishing the Coordinator of the Mappers will share what else needs to be finished or start a building from scratch.  This is only our second day of work for this project.  Before it even began Lamar and Mike, one of the Mappers, fixed a leak in the washing machines for us to use.  They also helped move picnic tables so we, when it’s warm enough, can sit outside together and picnic.  Helping to get things ready to be more prepared is important.

Looks like the women will do some painting.  We will give it our best.

Lamar and I want to thank you for praying for us and also wanted to give you a taste of what we do.  How blessed we are to be so happy serving our Lord this way.  It’s a blessing to us for each camp we enter into.  We don’t always know what to expect but that is a venture we enjoy.  Trusting the Lord moment by moment gives us the strength we need.  Even though we don’t understand so many things that happen we know He knows and that God is in control.   What more can we ask for?

Praying for ya’ll everyday and we continue to seek His Guidance Daily.

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