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Muindis in July 2013

July 2013 

 Dear Ministry Partners

“When the rod of Moses became the rod of God, it was the rod of judgment for the Egyptians, the rod of deliverance for the Jews, the rod of healing for the Jews, and the rod of supply for the Jews. When the rod of Moses had simply become the rod of God, the giver of judgment became the giver of life. We too are not only to speak a word of judgment to our lost world, but are also to be a source of life.

Each Christian is to be a rod of God in the place of God for him. We must remember throughout our lives that in God’s sight there are no little people and no little places. Only one thing is important: to be consecrated persons in God’s place for us, at each moment” (Schaeffer). In this regard, may God use us for His purpose and glory today.

We thank you all for praying and support in the last busy months. We are excited for the many who are visiting with us in recent days for the first time and the increased numbers in our various ministries. Our services and the weekly Bible studies, along with monthly fellowships, continue to be a source of maturity. Please note the following highlights to thank the Lord for. The Finke family from Lagrange, Ohio, was able to take the 2013 vacation and spend 12 days with us and be part of our ministry. We are thankful for them taking that time to share their lives in the form of visitations, testimonies, music, Scriptures, and fellowship. We were able to take a couple of days off for an African Safari and safety was of great importance. Several challenges concerning food, climate and some culture-shock gave us worries. As they were learning new things, we were also learning some important precautions for our future mission teams. We sincerely appreciated their Christian spirit and understanding of what it means to be and to do ministry in Africa. In the past month, our theme has been on “Successful Marriage and Family” in relation to the African context. Please pray for the African Church. As liberalism is taking root from all directions, more needs to be done in the field of Biblical counseling. We thank God for the opportunities to share the gospel this month in a funeral and an engagement ceremony. Pray for our family as we serve God here with the gifts and the abilities He has given us. We do desire to spend some time with our kids who are home on vacation until September 2013. We do need co-workers, helpers, and fellowship with like-minded Bible believing, fundamental and separatist believers who stand where we stand theologically.

On specific issues, Elgon View Baptist church continues to strive in reaching out to the community with the gospel and also financially doing her very best to purchase a ministry vehicle and prepare for some foundational and legal processes for the building of a permanent facility which you have been part of. Remember that some of you will be joining us next summer (2014) to help in the building of this facility, particularly, Ankeny Baptist Church, Ankeny, Iowa and Faith Baptist Church, Hermantown, Minnesota, who have communicated their desire to assist. If you have a desire to be part of this building process which we hope to begin next year, please let us know so as to lay out a schedule that will work for us and hopefully for you, too. Your visit is important for participation, support, assessment and advice. Pray for the working of our home to be completed soon. This will be a very vital asset to us in regard to summer ministry teams, short-termers, MAPers, and our family needs. Pray for Ashly McMillan from Harvest Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Iowa, as she joins us on August 10, 2013 for a year. We are looking forward to her ministry in music, with children, with youth and ladies. Pray for our 2013 VBS that it take place on August 20-24. We do desire to mobilize a large number of kids this year. Our facilities have been a challenge but we have the duty to reach out to the children and their parents in the city of Eldoret. We thank you all for the support toward the church facility and toward the desired church ministry vehicle. We are thankful for Faith Baptist Church in Fort Dodge, Iowa, for the funds provided for the much needed copier worth Ksh. 80, 000 (USD 1000). Send your support through Baptist Mid-Missions for accountability reasons.

“We now commit ourselves again to Thy Keeping, O faithful Creator; to Thy Keeping, O Savior of the pierced hand; to Thy Keeping, O eternal Spirit, thou who art able to Keep us from falling and sanctify us fully that we may be made to stand among the saints in light” (Spurgeon). Please note Jude 24-25 and let this be our daily prayer.

In God’s Hands,

Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena

Andersons’ Latest News

June 2013

Andersons to Peru

This year we started our school year with our big evangelistic event, Peru En Mis Manos. Just three weeks after school started at La Molina Christian Schools over 250 students, staff and some parents went to 30 different places and handed out close to 3,000 gift packages that included a Gideon New Testament and a Gospel tract among other things.

March continued to be busy as our church presented an Easter drama to nearly 400 people each night for three nights. Janise had the privilege of participating this year. We were excited that our neighbors went to see the presentation.

In March we also hosted Fortifying Fatherhood, our first breakfast and Bible Study for the dads from our school. Twenty-seven fathers showed up. We plan on hosting this event several times throughout the year.

May was our Mother’s Day evangelistic brunch for ladies at our church with over 220 in attendance. We also had a brunch with 30 moms from school.

Also in May we had our High School Retreat. This year we divided the boys and the girls and also the older girls from the younger girls. That meant we were running three retreats at the same time, which was definitely challenging but worth it.

Please pray that we can put Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” into practice as we seem to go from one major event to another. This year has been a bit tough, and we haven’t had much time to rest in between events. We are all starting to feel the effects.

Thank you for your prayers and your support,

Rick and Kathy Anderson

Paul Marsh – July 2013

July 2013

Missionaries To The Spanish Speaking People Of Southeastern Tennessee


Dear Friends in Christ,

We trust and pray that you and yours are well, happy and rejoicing in the service for the Lord. After trying to serve Him for more than fifty years, we are convinced that it is the only way for His followers to be well, happy and rejoicing!

Do you remember Charles Spurgeon and the Park Street tabernacle? Why did it lose its influence? During Spurgeon’s 38 years as pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, his congregation included 6,000 worshippers and added 14,000 members. Clearly the Metropolitan Tabernacle was one of the most influential churches of the 19th century. In 1972, however, seventy-five years after Spurgeon retired, some pastors visiting his church counted only 87 worshippers for the morning service. What happened? In simple terms the church had somewhere along the way, lost its focus. Let’s keep our focus on Jesus Christ and the glorious Gospel!

We are pleased with the spiritual growth of our Brother Jorge Bazán. He is maturing from week to week and is a good and faithful worker. We try to direct him and show by example what it is to be a fruitful servant of the Lord. Please remember to pray for him and his family.

This year we have not experienced the “Summer Slump” in our Hispanic church. And we have just about as many coming to our Wednesday evening preaching and prayer meeting as we have on Sunday morning. Another interesting notation is that we have as many, if not more, men than women attending our preaching services. Please pray for the recently baptized believers that they will remain faithful in their attendance and in their spiritual lives. We need to remember that “our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

Again we want to whole heartedly thank you for your prayers and support. You are deeply appreciated! That God continues to bless you is our prayer!

Paul & Wilma Marsh

Tel: 423-344-2312

P.O. Box 9215
Chattanooga, TN 37412

Home Address:
6632 Compassion Lane
Harrison, TN 37341

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