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A Holmquist Letter

January 2014

Dear Friends,

2014 has come in like a lion. We’ve had multiple car problems, a strange insect infestation, big ministry disappointments, periods without water and/or electricity in 90-100 degree weather, and unresolved health problems, to name some of the challenges. We understand that our situation could be far worse – we’ve read Adoniram Judson’s and Corrie ten Boom’s biographies. And we are definitely thankful for the blessings and victories God has granted in the midst of trials. But sometimes when you are in a pit, it is hard to recognize that the sun is still shining above and you must call out for help. So we come to you humbly asking for your prayers to God in our behalf. Our families, colleagues here and mission board, among others, have helped us tremendously already. As I said 2014 has come in like a lion – I suspect that behind many of the things that have happened there is the influence of a lion – a lion that walks about seeking whom he may devour. But we know that there is a greater Lion – the Lion of the tribe of Judah who is also our sacrificial Lamb, and nothing escapes His control.

Notes of Praise:

▪ Pastor Jose and I have been meeting with a couple (Antonio and Dalva) and studying the book of John. Some weeks ago they both bowed and trusted in Christ as Savior.

▪ One of two trucks was moved from the future church property. When the second truck is moved, we can begin construction of a wall around the property. We are still well short of the $30,000 Building Fund goal but we are encouraged by those who have been able to contribute.

Prayer Requests:

▪ A young man named David Forbes has been with us for about three weeks for a mission trip before his last semester of college. He’s definitely not getting a sugarcoated view of missionary life! His flexibility and help during these times has been a blessing. His messages have ministered to my heart even as I translated them for some of the churches in Rio and I know they have ministered to the people here in Brazil. Pray for God’s future direction for his life.

▪ Pray for Rio’s Annual Youth Summer Camp that will be held at the end of February.

Love in Christ,
The Holmquists

Muindis in Kenya

November 2013

Dear Ministry Partners

Apostle Paul noted in Philippians 1:21 that, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” We do believe that Christ could come at any moment because of what the Scriptures say. But before then, and as long as we live, we have duties to perform. C.S. Lewis stated well, “The world might stop in ten minutes; meanwhile, we are to go on doing our duty. The great thing is to be found at one’s post as a child of God, living each day as though it were our last, but planning as though our world might last a hundred years.

Beloved, we are very thankful for all your support and prayers you offer daily on our behalf. We have seen good responses to the gospel and restoration of erring believers. We have seen an increase in the children, youth, and adult ministries as well as our services. We anticipate having a baptismal service on 15th December 2013 for those that have trusted Christ in the recent past and have shared their testimonies with the church and are ready to be obedient and declare publicly, by way of baptism, their relationship with Christ. Our monthly fellowships with different groups continue to be a blessing to the church family. We had a wonderful Corn Sunday Fellowship that was attending by many with several visitors. We are blessed to have some American families attending our church services in the recent months and we hope that they will make this their church while in this region. Stephen continues to meet with three (3) men every Saturday afternoon for an in-depth “Bible Training” and to preach on a regional radio Station on Saturday evening on the program “The Bible in Your Hand.

We have been blessed as a family to enjoy each other and this ministry together. We just celebrated Rena’s 9th birthday on 28th October 2013 and in September, 28th 2013, we graduated Ian and Regina into their teenage years. On 15th August 2013, we counted 15 years of marriage. All these are some of the blessings to thank God for and to thank you all for being part of our lives which entails, marriage relationship, parenting, Christian living and maturity, and ministry service. Time goes so quickly from childhood, teenage, young adult, couple, parenthood, and in a moment be called granny, then deemed “retiree” and finally “the late” when death come. King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” Pray for Stephen’s parents. His dad just went through a double surgery for Hernia and Hydrocele. November has been a month of medical challenges and Stephen’s mum is having sight problems and she needs surgery as well. Family demands along with ministry challenges have been a great burden on us this last quarter of the year but our God is good and faithful.

Please pray for all these ministries: monthly fellowships as we come to the month of December which is the most busy time of the year; continuous growth and maturity in the children, youth, and adult programs which require dedicated teachers and leaders and space for the growing classes; Pray for the five (5) American families who have been attending our church for over two months to make decisions of being part of our church; our children’s church with over 50 kids at once have no space in the smaller rooms to accommodate the number; we are having a growing youth ministry with average 10-15 young people that need closeness in teaching and counseling; pray for growth and maturity of men and women in ministry as we elect deacons and other leaders for the next year of 2014; pray for God’s grace and strength as we search out the details for the church building and gathering of the materials and planning for the summer ministries from Ankeny, Iowa; Lagrange, Ohio; Winter garden, Florida; and Duluth, Minnesota, in the months of July and August 2014; pray for the upcoming kids activity day (12/12/2013) and Christmas Special Service (12/22/2013); pray for the Radio Program and the Bible Training on Saturdays. Please note that your financial support for any of our ministries or projects is highly appreciated. Please do so through Baptist Mid-Missions with a note indicating what project or ministry with the Muindis in Kenya. Please pray for truly called men and women who are dedicated and committed in raising up future generations of Christian leaders and Christian families in Africa. We needed them yesterday but still praying and waiting today with much hope for tomorrow.

In His Care,

Stephen & Edna Muindi
Ian, Regina, Rena

Matthew 6:5-6

The Canters’ Latest

Dear Friends, Prayer Warriors, Loved Ones,
and Supporting Churches:

We held our mid-year Missions Emphasis Sunday, August 4. The featured missionaries were the Canters to Japan. Steve preached both services in English (the first time in seven years), and Pastor Fukuda translated. Since the church has native English speakers and many others speak English fluently, Pastor Fukuda and Steve both felt it would be a good opportunity for in-reach as well as outreach. There was one new visitor that Sunday. During the altar call, there were hands raised asking for prayer concerning full-time service. Pray that God will work in those hearts and make those decisions public.

Please pray with us as we consider God’s will to buy the land our parking space is on. We have seen God’s Hand on the parking space since the start, and we believe it was He who opened this door for us. The landlady wants to sell the land because the upkeep’s physical work is too much for her. The property is large enough to build a 200-plus seating auditorium with classrooms and a fellowship hall. There would still be enough space for 60 cars or more to park.

The history of the parking space is fascinating. Five years ago when we desperately needed parking, we flipped the worship area’s orientation front to back to allow a wing room to be used also. That very morning, we found the parking space. We know that because of our step of faith, God opened the door for us. The morning I chose the passage for our Missions Sunday, Isaiah 54:1-6 Lengthen the Ropes, we were told the landlady wanted to sell the property. We do not believe the timing to be coincidental; this occurred one week after we paid off our $100,000 loan. Pray that God will open the proper doors, and close the doors we shouldn’t go through.

Miss Oide has made the decision to be Baptized. She is spiritually hungry and is growing well. Pray for her as she takes this large step. Pray that she will continue to grow spiritually. Pray for the members of our Sunday School Class, that they will grow spiritually also. Continue to pray for our staff as we must make several decisions concerning our direction, goals and our future – we need God’s wisdom.

Kimiyo’s dad is doing much better. They have removed the intravenous feeding port as he is eating well on his own. He has been in the hospital now over five months without exercise. His mind is still sharp, but there is significant muscle loss.

In His Service,
Stephen and Kimiyo Canter

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