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The Jones Family News

Raymond & Laurie Jones’ Latest News From Mexico

(January-February, 2015)
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We began the new year looking forward to what God will do here in Mexico in 2015, and desiring that more Mexicans would come to know Him as their personal Savior. The past two months we have already seen some great things that God has done!

A great blessing for us personally is that our son Joel got saved! He is five years old and had been asking a lot of questions about salvation for several months. We didn’t push him for a decision, but waited and prayed that God would convict him and show him his need of salvation. In January, he told us he wanted to be saved. I went through the plan of salvation with him and halfway through he started crying. His prayer was sincere and by the time he was done we were all crying! What a joy to watch your child accept Christ! We are so thankful that both of our children are saved. It is our desire to raise them both to serve God and bring glory to Him with their lives.

In a past prayer letter I mentioned a young girl from our church, Alexia, who had run away with her boyfriend when she was 14 years old. In Cctober, her boyfriend, Miguel, was killed in a work-related accident. She was 7 months pregnant and 16 at the time. At the funeral she told us that she wanted to get back into church and get right with God. She has been very faithful to all services since then and had a beautiful baby girl in December. Miguel’s family was not saved and his parents really took their son’s death very hard. His dad fell into a depression and didn’t even want to get out of bed. They were amazed at the peace they saw in Alexia and asked her about it. She told them that God is the one who gives her peace. They continued to ask questions, so Alexia asked if I would talk with them. I met with them for a couple of hours and gave them a very clear presentation of the Gospel. They both accepted Christ that day! Praise the Lord! They both are doing better now and are working through their grief. We are continuing to help and disciple them.

In the 70’s when my parents first came to this area to start a church, some of their first converts were Narciso and Angela. These two remained faithful through the years and now have three daughters who are pastors’ wives, and several others who are serving faithfully in church. Their grandson, Tono, is my assistant pastor. His sister, Alejandra, had a baby boy in January and it struck me that this baby represents the fourth generation of this family to be raised in church! What a blessing! I’m sure when my dad led this couple to the Lord he never dreamed what God would do with the generations to follow. Praise the Lord!

On February 14, we had a Valentine’s Banquet at the church for all of the married couples. We had over 70 people attend, including many first-time visitors. We invited Missionary Lazaro Hernandez to Colombia to speak and God used his message. It was a good time of fellowship and our people seemed to enjoy it.

Also in February we had a youth group come down to visit us from Montana. This is the first group we’ve had in several years due to the drug-related violence in our area. Things have really calmed down a lot, so we felt it was safe enough for a small group to come. They were a huge blessing. Bro. Jeremy Millar is their youth pastor and he and these young people came with a heart to see what God would do in their lives during their trip. They sang several times in our services and Bro. Millar and two of the other young men preached (with me as their interrupter!) while they were here. We took them to see the camp, the big market in Guadalajara, and also to pass out tracts in different villages in our area. We got many tracts out and saw several saved while they were here.

The church building construction in El Molino is progressing. We have the roof on and now it is time for me to install the electricity and water. Then we will be doing the finishing work,  plastering walls, laying tile floors, etc. I am very thankful for God’s provision for this project! Please continue to pray!

We are gearing up for our annual teen camp April 6-11. My brother, David, is planning to come down to preach for us during camp. Every year we have teens saved and many other decisions made during camp week. The devil often tights during this time, so we ask that you would please pray for protection and that God would bless our camp this year.

I just wanted to mention again that my Yahoo email account was hacked into last fall and my new email address is I tried to send out a general email to everyone in my contacts list but I want to be sure that I didn’t miss anyone.

Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting us and praying for us. I know God will bless you for it.

In Christ,
Raymond, Laurie, Rachel, and Joel Jones

“To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God…” Acts 26:18


Notes From The Canters

The Canters’ Latest Notes (January 2015)

Dear Friends, Prayer Warriors, Loved Ones, and Supporting Churches:

God has blessed in many ways since we have made the decision to move to Aomori to help the Johnsons with “Team Aomori.” We see His hand in every step of forming the new team. We are all excited over what God is doing and what He is going to do in Aomori.

After our last prayer letter, we returned to Tsukuba to start packing for the move. We then made a short trip back to the States to be with all our children for Christmas. It was the first Christmas in the States, with everyone, since coming to Japan in 2004. The trip was already planned before we had even considered going to Aomori.

The Johnsons held a special Christmas concert Dec. 7; it was well attended. Two people who had visited the church several years ago attended also. On Dec. 13, Sarah held a cookie baking party with18 people including children attending. A short Gospel presentation was given after snacking on the treats. The party opened the door to several prospects. Pray that the seeds planted will become fruit.

Our theme for the year is “Planting Seeds. ”Our prayer is that the members will catch the vision and will plant seeds in their neighborhoods and among their friends. We have a banner displayed in the worship area. The theme was also printed on quality calendars for each member to remind them the time is short and that the time to plant seeds is now. Pray that many seeds will be planted and that there will be much fruit.

In His Service,
Stephen and Kimiyo

Valbuena Notes

The latest from the Valbuena family (January 2015)

Dear Friends,

Once again, the Lord has been gracious! The Lord has blessed us in the year that has just passed! The construction of the School/Church building is underway and is coming along nicely. We praise God for our brethren who gave towards this building project which enabled us to begin construction. We continue to pray for God’s provision and that His hand be in it till the completion.

Arnulfo, Jomarie and Paul was saved! After Pastor Rodrigo (Odek) Valbuena’s message Amulfo, Jomarie and Paul, three of the children of SBCHome, came Forward with others. It is our desire and prayer that the children come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Although we may give all the needs and comforts deprived from them it is only through a relationship with Christ will they ever truly be content, joyful and have life more abundantly.

THANKSGIVING 2014: I thank God and those who He used to provide for our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Meal. For Thanksgiving we had a traditional American dinner with the turkey, sides and pies. For Christmas we did a spaghetti dinner and an assortment of sweets and a chocolate fountain. For New Year’s we did kabobs, and grilled hotdogs and after the fireworks display we had southern chicken and dumplings.

Several months ago I (Annalisa) received a phone call from Jake, a young man who was once a child in Subic Bay Children’s Home. The call was conceming a two week old baby. The mother, who is a Married woman, had an affair with a married man and in result Jeremiah was conceived. Neither family wanted to have anything to do with Jeremiah. The mother of Jeremiah is an I acquaintance of Jake and knew of Jake being cared for as a child by SBCHome. The day I received a call from Jake he informed me that he did not know what to do and that the mother just showed up at his apartment and left the baby. I told Jake that he could bring the baby to me. Jake, who now lives in a city several hours away, found someone to accompany him who knew a thing or two about babies and arrived at my house around 8pm. Jake had bought one feeding bottle, a small can of formula and a small pack of diapers. We named the ba- by Jeremiah. Jeremiah is now a thriving three month old and he brings so much joy to all at Subic Bay Children’s Home.

We continue to ask for prayers for the children of Subic Bay Children’s Home as well as the staff. Specifically prayers of patience and empathy towards the children and that the children will always be appreciative.

We, the Fulfer and Valbuena Families and all the children of Subic Bay Children’s Home, thank you so much for your continuous prayers and support for this ministry. May God bless you!

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